Careers That Have A High Demand For Hindi Speaking Professionals

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You will meet many people in life who consider knowing English a compulsion to succeed in the professional world. This, however, is not necessary in a few scenarios. What if we tell you that there are few professions that do not expect you to be proficient in English but in Hindi? 

Confused? Let me explain. There are few professions in India which demand individuals who master the Hindi language. If you are someone whose English is a little weak but holds an upper hand in Hindi, you can pursue a career in the below-mentioned fields: 

News Correspondents 

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People across the country consume news, be it via television or newspaper. Moreover, India being a Hindi speaking nation, there is a huge demand for news in the Hindi language. This opens up various opportunities of becoming news reporters/correspondents for the masters of Hindi. However, if you are keen on pursuing this profession you must also be equally good with the current issues and have detailed knowledge about the world and country events. 


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While there are many who can just speak and read well, there are others who can also write. If you are someone who is more comfortable in penning down words than speaking in front of the camera, you can pursue a career in writing articles for various print as well as digital mediums. After gaining sufficient experience, you can also start writing a book. Besides this, the Bollywood film industry is also welcoming rich content. You can thus also become a script/screenplay writer. 


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Good writing coupled with creativity makes a good copywriter. There are thousands of consumer brands  today which are trying to create unique advertisements to attract consumers. Although visuals play a major role, words do too. If it hadn’t been for good words and taglines like ‘kuch meetha ho jaye’, Cadbury would just be any other chocolate, or Melody wouldn’t be that famous without its tagline ‘Melody khao khud jaan jao’. Even though it might seem like a job of writing a few words, there is much more to copywriting. This is why copywriters are paid well too.  

Hindi Teacher 

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If it hadn’t been for our Hindi teachers, we would have never known about the great poets like Kabir and Rahim. Our country’s Hindi literature is vast and must be passed on to the upcoming generations. If you are a literature geek, then a career as a Hindi professor is apt for you. With the required qualifications, you can either work for a school, college or you can also run your own coaching classes. 

Social Sector Undertakings 

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India is a large country with many yet living in underdeveloped areas. Government officials are always on duty to develop such places and also the people living there. To understand such people’s issues and concerns, one needs to be a good speaker of the local language. Since Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India, it is used to communicate with the local Indians. Hence, anyone with good Hindi speaking skills can work as an anthropologist, researcher, sociologist or a social worker. 

Gone are the days when the intelligence and qualities of a person were judged based on his ‘English’ speaking skills. Today, there is a job for every quality one possesses. So even if today, you don’t know a specific language or have a specific degree, you will still do great in the professional world based on the other qualities you hold.


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