Glimpses of a beautiful mind

In light of the recent crimes that have rocked the Indian consciousness, Nisha JamVwal shares Israel’s President Shimon Peres’ inspiring philosophy on humanity Time for...
Korean Beauty Product

8 Korean Beauty Products that will Rejuvenate your Skin

You’ve heard it all. The routines and the hype around the Korean beauty products have set the world abuzz.  Seoul, the capital city of...

The Lady Behind GLAMOUR

Namrata Soni, a celebrity makeup artist, is the beautiful lady with the brush and blush behind glamorous stars in feature films and ad films. Bagging...

Good Bye Black Heads!

Richa Sharma brings you home remedies that will make you wave goodbye to blackheads forever After the fearsome acne attack, blackheads are the most dreaded skin...

Miss Scissorhands

Deepti Aggarwal, stylist at Psalms 23 Salon gives us a closer look at the intricate and exciting world of hairstyling What motivated you to become...

Point The Town Marsala!

                                Volume 4 Issue 10

Getting Under The Skin Of A Terrorist

The world turns sour every time an incident of terrorism is raised. The past month proved to be a particularly bitter one with the...
arranged marriages

The Evolution of Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage has evolved a lot over the years and in urban cities more people are choosing arranged marriage rather than being forced into...


You know you must be in Munnar when you find yourself surrounded by cascading waterfalls, long, winding roads and landscaped (read: well-manicured) tea gardens....

Are Intelligent People Really Recluses?

Let us start with a tiny activity. Your task here is to analyse and picture the following words in your head: The topper in...

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