A student gets a funky makeover by hairstylist Sushil Charles and makeup artist Sarika Motiani of Smashh Salon

“I love my new look! It’s much easier to wear, especially because I am a dancer. I totally love the funky colour too!”

( HAIR )

  • Totally took of the length at the nape of her neck and created a 45° slant at the back, but kept the front a bit longer
  • Cut the layers internally to remove some of the bulk
  • Added magenta and aubergine streaks to bring out the haircut
  • Used one styling product for shine and another to hold her hair together well


  • Used a pink-tinted concealer to cover up her freckles
  • Highlighted her cheekbones with a peach blush
  • Lined her eyes with kohl, smudged it a bit, and also used metallic eye shadow to make her eyes seem bigger

A cool and funky look by Samantha D’souza and Gatsby Hair at Asif – The Salon




Now, thanks to Gatsby Hair Styling Wax, I can get a strong hold on my hair and even style it in various avatars!”

( HAIR )

  • Ashish’s hair was trimmed to add some amount of texture
  • His hair was then styled using Gatsby Hair Styling Wax – Power and Spikes. This gives it a firm hold
  • Gatsby Hair Spray was mildly applied, giving his hair a funky spiked look

SAMANTHA D’SOUZA Top stylist at Asif – The Salon
“Application of Gatsby Hair Styling Way – Power and Spikes did well for Ashish’s medium-length hair. It added density to his hair and gave it a fuller look.”


Volume 1 Issue 5


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