Switching To “ Ek Healthy Chai Ki Pyali”

Healthy tea
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Some hot boiling water, tea leaves, sugar with some milk and ginger for flavour, the combination which is a morning need for all Indians. Tea, which rarely got haters in any generation, is a drink which stays always in the highest demand to start a fresh morning.  With a history of over 3000 years, tea has been always preferred as a refreshing drink in the world. Although earlier, the tea was originally prepared without the addition of milk. With years of experiments with ingredients and spices to better the taste, today, everybody has their own favourite flavour of the tea. 

Known as “chai” in India, people here prefer it with ginger, cardamom, and even with some specially prepared ‘chai masala’. Although, milk tea seems to be a perfect morning sip, adding milk to your tea can be harmful in many ways. It has been a true fact how the typically prepared Indian tea gives the desired punch to the tongue, but, every time, taste cannot be preferred over health. Tea originally is rich with anti-oxidants and adding milk turns tea acidic cutting all its anti-oxidants properties. Morning intake of milk tea increases the acidity levels causing an imbalance in the metabolic activities. 

With health as a priority, herbs infused in boiling water acts as a great detox remedy for the body with a result of beautiful skin, hair, and fit body system. One must replace their milk tea with these 4 easy-to-make-at-home-teas, which may not only be a morning refreshment but also a healthy morning sip that will help you to stay young forever.

1. Green tea

Healthy tea
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Green tea is a very popularly known tea in the world of fitness. Always known for its effective weight loss properties, its intake is most preferred by the people wishing for a slim body. With enough antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols, it is effective for cancer prevention, heart benefits, and lowering cholesterol. Green tea contains an amino acid called Le-theanine which gives a calming effect. With a combination of caffeine and Le-theanine, Green tea has been proven to be effective on good memory, better mood and sound mental health. Green tea is very popularly known for stimulating fat burn. It works on the principle of curbing appetite that helps in the prevention of fat gain. Green tea also helps creating new blood vessels which results giving you a glowing skin. Having green tea every morning with honey and lemon can give you the best health results.

2. Hibiscus tea

Healthy tea
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Not well known yet in the market, this herbal tea is made by steeping parts of hibiscus plant in boiling water. If not available in the market you can also prepare the tea leaves by drying the petals of hibiscus flower. 

With its beautiful bold color and tangy refreshing taste this herbal tea is packed with good anti-oxidants and is beneficial for people with high blood pressure. It also boosts the liver’s health. Seeing from public’s favorite perspective, beauty, Yes! Hibiscus tea is the best option if you are wishing to look younger forever.

3. Fennel tea

Healthy tea
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This easy-to-make tea has a great flavour and aroma of sweet fennel seeds. Made by just fusing a spoon full of fennel seeds into boiling water, this tea has been a great remedy for indigestion and treat hypertension. Also, great for weight loss this tea has immensely used as an aid to relieve flatulence, boost urination, boost metabolism, improved eyesight, prevention of glaucoma, regulate appetite, clear mucus from the airways, stimulate milk production in nursing women, speed digestion, reduced gas, reduced stress and detoxify the body. One cup of fennel tea daily as per your preferable time will give your health the best benefits and help women to get rid of painful cramps during periods.

4. Ginger tea

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If you are quitting milk tea and switching to herbal tea, ginger tea is the best option to start with. The spicy refreshing taste of ginger with honey and lemon can help you instantly get fresh, killing nausea. Boiling ginger in water and its intake with honey and lemon can be a great aid for cough and cold. Enriched with magnesium, vitamin-c, and other minerals, ginger tea treats nausea, improves stomach performance, reduces inflammation, fights respiratory problems, improves blood circulation, relieves menstrual discomfort, relieves stress and strengthens the immune system.

So which tea do you prefer having? 


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