Look Out For These Signs If You Feel You Are Being Cheated

partners cheating
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If you have never been cheated in a relationship, you probably haven’t felt as upset as those who have been cheated. Finding out if your partner is cheating or no can be tricky and you obviously want to do it subtly without him/her knowing. Here are some of the signs that will tell you that your partner is most likely cheating on you.

  • Excessive Phone Usage: This is a very easy and common sign. In spite of being with you if your partner is constantly texting someone, you might have to get alert. Sure, there can be other reasons too, behind being on the phone like something work related. We aren’t saying that if your partner is constantly texting it definitely has got to do with cheating on you but if this is happening frequently, you might have to start looking out for other signs as well.
  • ”Don’t Touch my Phone”:We are all for respecting each other’s personal space in a relationship but if your partner has almost pounced on you to snatch his/her phone from your hand, then you might have to start worrying.
  • Cancelling Plans: Calling off a plan by giving reasons like ”have to work late”, ”urgent work has come up”, ”still stuck in a meeting”, etc are important signs that you need to pick up.   
  • Hating Surprise Visits: The same surprise visits, which used to make your partner happy beyond limits previously can now be an act, he/she has started hating, for obvious reasons. The fear of getting caught usually comes out in the form of anger on you. Notice!
  • Blaming You for all the Fights: This can be a very common sign. If you’ll have started fighting and arguing very frequently and if you are blamed for all of it, you need to be careful. He/she might use it as a reason to end things with you.
  • Physical Intimacy and Sex Seems Off: While you might be totally into the moment, you will at the same time feel your partner isn’t. You will start noticing the change in their romantic behavior. You might also feel like your partner is no more attracted to you or is unwilling to get physically intimate due to his actions. Most common example is, going directly to bed or changing the topic when the conversation leads up to anything even closely related to sex. Less sex is also one of the many signs.
  • Reduced Communication: A couple should have a sound communication. Sharing thoughts and opening up to each other is always comforting. However, when one of the two starts drawing boundaries around self and stops the other from entering in, that’s where the problem begins. Suddenly becoming secretive, restricting conversations to asking each other how the day was, avoiding all serious conversations about the relationship is indicative of your partner withdrawing from the relationship.
  • New Clothes and Lingerie in use: This might solve all your doubts. More than often, new clothes are purchased to make a good impression during the initial stages of dating. Walking out of the apartment looking extra good is something that needs to be observed. Spotting new lingerie too in the wardrobe that is not being used for you is a strong sign of your partner cheating on you. You might have to keep an eye on the wardrobe.
  • Business Trips: Staying out of town for ‘business trips’ for most of the days is very suspicious. Frequent business trips will tell you to start questioning your partner.

Infidelity in a relationship is unacceptable and effectively ends a relationship. If you have observed the above mentioned signs in your partner, its time you start finding concrete evidences that prove you have been cheated on and move on. No one deserves to be cheated.

It can happen that one might lose interest in a relationship and develop feelings for someone else, but cheating shouldn’t be the way how one chooses to deals with it. Valuing your partner’s feeling and coming clean is important. 


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