Indian Police Step Forward To Urge People To Stay Indoors In Unique Ways

Indian Police
Image Credits: The World News

‘Service before self’ is the motto our Indian frontliners, battling with COVID-19, have held in their minds. Besides the nurses and doctors, the Indian police too are on their feet to contain the spread of the virus. 

Even after the nation’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown, most of the citizens still chose to take the seriousness of the situation lightly and strolled outside on the roads thinking it was just like any other normal day. This is when the Indian police felt the need to step up and do the needful. 

Since the minds of Indians function a tad little differently, the Indian police took to unique and witty ways to urge people to stay indoors. Here are some of the most fascinating tricks adopted by them: 

Indian Police dance and show the right way to wash your hands 

Indian Police dance to create awareness of the virus among the general public

Some also used Bollywood songs to urge people to stay indoors by tweaking the lyrics of the song

Indian Police also conducted street plays to spread awareness

Some made Coronvirus a weapon to create a ‘much needed’ fear among the people

While many others took this chance to also serve the needy and poor

The amount of efforts put up by these warriors is commendable, but it is highly disturbing to know that the ones who are fighting to protect us are been attacked by mobs who refuse to abide by the rules and instructions imposed on them. Not just this, those police personnel who are on duty stand a high chance of catching virus. Many of them have even tested positive of this virus. In such times how hard is it for us to help them the least by staying indoors? 


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