Discrowning Being The Prisoners Of The Competition

Prisoners Of The Competition
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The odour of competition is swaying us from all directions. From eating to earning, people have found themselves predominated by societal pressure. Rustling up every hour for every work to excel in every field has become a uniform formula for the masses in this world. Even the young generation is not emancipated from the relentless race streaming in all the directions. Money is the vanguard for these fervent competitive environments. The classification of society because of wealth has aced up the competitive urge in human beings. This has made them prisoners of the competition.

The question that is hooking our minds subsequently is ‘Is competition vital for growth’? This answer has various branches that will embrace all the aspects of this question. People are standing on a stage and everyone is earmarked with different nooks of the stage. How much that person is able to make that area conducive for himself is a part of his hull. With the nooks, the person is endowed with hulls to drive himself. The art of operating those hulls is termed a ‘way of living.’ But this era has witnessed various hulls colliding with each other while some perceive this collision to refashion the art of driving the hulls. Gyms, military training, and examinations are a subway to grease the person and empower him. Like this, these competitions are the subways to empower oneself and not merely place the crown on a person as a prisoner of the competition. The zone in which you have no one to scale up your growth is futile. The competitive zones give you a diverse environment to venture into. The tendency of a human being to deem fellows as a yardstick is a lucid principle that we can adopt. Then why is there room to emancipate ourselves from the competition? Why are some of us riding in life as the prisoners of the competition? Since every phenomenon is circumscribed in the fences and transcending the fences crumbles the phenomenon. Parallel to this concept is the code of competition. When competitions override the lush of potential in a human being and make him malicious towards fellows then competitions become venomous. The infiltration of competition makes the whole environment unfavourable. Outcomes of infiltrated competitions reverse the growth process by devastating a person’s ethics and peace.

How can we stir out the competition as pure or impure? The answer will assist in discrowning ourselves as the prisoners of the competition. The radiation covering the soul and mind garishly and yielding positive ground to grow is a sign of pure competition that beholds to embolden you. The radiation that infuses you with pessimism and snaps your trust in yourself is a sign of impure competition. Another pivotal aspect to touch upon in this discussion is how the person perceives the competition. A perspective is a valiant tool that can even transform impure competition into pure and can peel off the title – Prisoner of the competition from some people. When the person develops an oversight over the fellows who attempts to downgrade, when the person hives off a lesson from each blunder even though it is deliberately created by the fellow, when the person clutches to his aim rather than mulling over the negativities around him can be the ways to confront the impure environment. As bits of phases in life leave a person stranded to deal with an unfavourable environment even though the person wants to leave them.

Another way to combat these jousts is to envisage the older self as the competitor. With this methodology, a person paces up the growth process but with an optimistic lens. Prioritising certain fields as the arenas to excel that align with interests is the other method to tone down impure competition. Counting the arenas where you have made strides irrespective of fellows is another methodology. We have the power to step ourselves down from being the prisoner of competition.


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