Thursday, May 19, 2022

The English Patient

When students from regional schools move to college, the face one more adjustment compared to the others- that of coping with the English as the first language. Youth Inc digs deeper!

An Equal Footing

A closer look at the scope of human rights reveals the dire need for awareness on what the issue encompasses in today's inhuman and nefarious world.

Is This Development or Destruction?

Student activist megha shah asks if the wanton destruction of slums in the name of development of urban areas is really helping anyone

Stand Up For Your Rights!

In a world where the consumer is supposedly king but is most often made to feel otherwise, Youth Inc shows you how to get justice against brands that fail to satisfy.

The Dilemma of Leadership

I’ve always debated on what really is the best approach to leading organisations and teams. Should you be visionary or should you be practical?...

Go the NPO Way!

So you want to do your bit and give back to society. Youth Inc gives you the ins and outs of starting a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) in the fourth of our multi-part 'Make a Difference' Series

Virtual Revolutions

With the all-pervasive Internet making the world a smaller place, social awareness issues spread like wildfire with just a click of the mouse. Youth Inc shows you how to make a difference using the virtual world in the third of our multi-part series

Education Through Experiences

By Prithvish Uppal, Director Communications & Information Management, AIESEC India

Ethical Leadership

The world is transforming at a pace faster than our capabilities. Our actions and intentions now will soon become a consequence in the future,...

"How I won over the Horror's of 26/11!"

What started off as a family celebration turned out to be an unimaginably tragic night for Jharna Narang...