World Students’ Day 2022: Why Is It Celebrated?

World Students' Day

15th October is recognized as World Students’ Day all over India, in order to honor former president and celebrated Aerospace scientist APJ Abdul Kalam, for his dedicated and selfless contribution towards the development of education in the country. He was so dedicated to teaching that he went back to his teaching profession after completing his term as the 11th President of India. A man who always encouraged his students to be the best version of themselves, APJ Abdul Kalam unconditionally supported and believed in his students. 

Even though the origins of this celebration are unknown, the main purpose of World Students’ Day is to remember and acknowledge Kalam’s contribution to education. After the end of his presidential tenure, Kalam became a visiting faculty at IIM Shillong, IIM Ahmedabad, and IIM Indore. He was so dedicated to providing quality education and strived to work towards it till the last day of his life. On 27 July 2015, he suffered from a cardiac arrest and collapsed while he was delivering a speech at IIM Shillong, which led to his passing away at the age of 83.

This year’s theme for World Students’ Day is, “the transformation of education begins with teachers.” With the aim of reiterating the importance of education, it is a day that recognizes the Fundamental Right to Education, and commemorates the birth anniversary of the ‘people’s President.’ Dr. Kalam strongly believed that students are the future of the country and that their progressive minds would help the country attain heights of success. Not only did he lay emphasis on providing a vision for life for his students, but he also emphasized the importance of inculcating fundamental values in children, ones they must practice throughout their life.

Years after his demise, his contributions are still remembered as some of the best scientific and technological developments in the country.


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