What Is Prompt Engineering And Why You Should Know About It

prompt engineering
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With new-age technologies rapidly being introduced, it is clear that in no time there will be a difference between the careers of today and the ones of tomorrow. Prompt engineering is one such technology that is emerging and is expected to change the course of artificial intelligence.

Unlike most AI systems which are designed to perform a single specific task, prompt engineering introduces a AI that is designed to be task agnostic with a general-purpose, simple-to-use “text-in, text-out” interface that can potentially perform any number of tasks given the specific training prompt. The easy-to-use API has given birth to the new Software 3.0 ecosystem virtually touching every aspect of human life.

Creating AI solutions has never been easy, but with GPT-3, you need a sensible training prompt in plain English. Sounds like magic right, but we are living in an era of rapid technological advancements where there is a very thin line between the “relevant” and the “obsolete”.

Now, how does one give a prompt? How do we assume what the intelligence knows and doesn’t know? The secret to writing good prompts is understanding what the AI knows about the world and how to get the model to use that information to generate useful results. As in the game of charades, we give the person just enough information to figure out the word using his/her intelligence. Similarly, with GPT-3 we give the model just enough context in the form of a training prompt to figure out the patterns and perform the given task. We don’t want to interrupt the natural intelligence flow of the model by giving all the information at once.

There is no doubt that prompt engineering will redefine the way we look at technology, the way we communicate with our devices and will lower the barrier to access to advanced technology. This allows AI to write, create, and converse. It has great potential to create an array of business opportunities and take a giant leap towards an abundant society. It will end up creating disruptions and new career opportunities as a by-product of those advancements. Prompt engineering in some sense is the foundational step towards creating the careers of the future!


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