Share the Ride

Do You Find Yourself Constantly Grumbling About the Ever-Increasing Traffic Problem in Your City? Well it's Time to Stop Complaining and Start Carpooling! Most city...

Green is the Gift!

The Normal Gifts Just Got too Redundant and Cliched. Go the Green Way! Youth Inc gives Eco-Friendly Gyan on 'ECO-FRIENDLY' Gifts Available in Gift...

Tips to Keep Pets Safe During Diwali

Whilst Diwali celebrations can be great fun for people, pets can be left trembling, shaking, barking more and injured by fireworks. Light, noise and...

A (banyan) Tree of Hope

Apoorva Nanjangud talks to Sanjay Srinivas, founder of the Grand Banyan project about this large-scale recyclinic project hitting schools across India

Recyclable Music

If we can make music from trash, can we recycle more useful items from waste? Mumbai Stamp is a unique band conceived and started by...

Seeds of Change

Marie-Louise gray talks to Kavita Mukhi, organiser of the farmers market, on the Organic Movement

Green Matchmaking

Owning a Plant can Brighten Your Space and Your Mood. Disha Seth Plays Cupid and Finds the Right Plant for Your Personality Type Plant lovers...

Green Academic Zone

With environmental causes having a huge impact on all sectors, it is no wonder that 'green' has crept in to everything. But ever heard of a 'green school'? Youth Inc presents India's first Green Business School

Green Spaces

Sustainable Development Goes In Hand With Eco-Friendly Buildings

Rendezvous with Antarctica

Sarita Singh visited the ice continent as part of the International Antarctic Expedition (IAE) in March. She shares her adventures and experiences with Youth Inc 29-year-old Sarita Singh...

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