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Do You Find Yourself Constantly Grumbling About the Ever-Increasing Traffic Problem in Your City? Well it’s Time to Stop Complaining and Start Carpooling!

Most city dwellers describe their daily commute as time consuming, exhausting, frustrating and stressful. However, Manish Chawla, also a city dweller, describes his daily commute as ‘refreshing, stress-free and enjoyable’. This is not because Manish has access to a parallel universe or follows the path of positivity. The reason is actually quite simple: Karan has discovered the benefits of carpooling.

How Does it Work?
The gloomy commute to school, college or work is made gloomier thanks to the traffic, overcrowded trains and buses as well as the frequent auto and taxi strikes that torment most Indian cities. Carpooling provides much-needed relief from these commuting woes while preserving the environment. With a variety of affordable cars in the market, the rate of four-wheeler additions to our roads is faster than ever. The idea behind carpooling is to share a ride with fellow commuters in order to reduce the amount of traffic on the streets. Carpooling is originally an international concept, which is now gaining popularity in India. In fact, Abhishek Agawane came up with the idea of starting a carpooling website during a two hour long drive to work. The website,, enables users to find carpooling options that match their needs. Abhishek says, “People in Mumbai are realising the need for carpooling and we provide a simple search and schedule process. The user has to register with a valid email address and then he or she can search, communicate and schedule a carpool. We have kept the process very simple.”

The Benefits
Company: Carpooling allows you to make new friends, listen to new music and also provides a space to freely complain about your teacher, boss, boyfriend or girlfriend. If you are uncomfortable travelling with someone, you always have the option of refusing a rider or passengers. Many carpooling websites use the help of social networking sites to choose your travel buddies as per your liking, giving you the option of travelling with friends or their friends, in case your routes match.
Cost effective: Fuel price hikes are becoming drastic and frequent. While carpooling, the travellers share all the expenditure, including fuel, toll and other costs which can considerably reduce your financial burden.
Environmentally friendly: Carpooling reduces the number of cars on the streets, which results in lesser fuel emissions and cleaner air for the city’s residents. Lesser traffic might actually allow you to hear your music while driving instead of the constant honking. Start carpooling to create a healthier environment for yourself.
Immune to auto/taxi strikes: Public transport can be a real menace. Autos and taxi drivers are frequently on strikes and at other times, they are unwilling to head to your destination. Carpooling saves you from bickering sessions and allows you to enjoy a peaceful ride.
Faster commute: Carpooling reduces both traffic and commuting time. With lesser traffic, you can rush home from work or college and spend quality time with family and friends.
Flexibility: While cars are being filled to their capacity, bikes don’t have to go to waste either; that extra seat behind you can save the city from additional traffic. To prevent the underutilisation of transportation options in the city, you can also try bikepooling, cabpooling and even autopooling!
Multitasking : The daily commute to college or work can take hours. Carpooling gives you the opportunity to use this time constructively if you decide to take turns driving. You can finish your assignments or add last minute changes to your presentation in the comfort of a car.
So jump into the carpooling bandwagon and enjoy its many benefits.


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