Indian Companies Practicing Sustainability: Doing It The Right Way

Image Credits: HEC Paris

Big corporations and companies use a large amount of our planet’s resources, and this has evidently had a negative effect on our planet over the years. It is high time that companies start prioritizing sustainability, and source, produce, and distribute their products in a way that will make our world habitable for all, and not just a few. 

Purchasing trends have witnessed that there has been a shift in consumer mentality, and over the years, more and more people have consciously started to buy from companies that practice sustainability and look out for the environment. Here are a few sustainable businesses in practice, Indian companies practicing sustainability. 


Infosys procured 44.3 percent of its electricity requirements from renewable energy sources for all its campuses across India, which is lower than its set target of 50 percent. Its commitment is to deliver the business, in a manner that spans the entirety of ecological, economic, and social well-being.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd

Their efforts toward sustainability, in general, involve recycling / reusing scrap material, development of the Butterfly Garden, enzyme-based Bio-remediation, and tree plantation. Their CSR vision is to be a model of a corporate entity with social responsibility committed to energizing lives through sustainable development.


Godrej has the 3P’s when it comes to sustainability: People, Planet, and Products. 

People- Train one million people in skills that will enhance their income.

Planet- Achieve zero waste to landfill, achieve vivacious water, be carbon neutral, balance, reduce specific energy, and lastly consumption and increase the use of renewable energy.

Products- Generate a third of their portfolio revenues from ‘good’ or ‘green’ products.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd

The company plans to make sustainable living commonplace. They also believe that the best way to deliver long-term sustainable growth is by reducing its environmental footprint and increasing positive social impact through sustainability. 

They have three global goals, involving helping over a billion people to take action for improving their well-being and overall health, reducing their environmental footprint while making and using their products, and also enhancing the lives of millions of people through their service and hence grow their business. 

Mahindra and Mahindra 

To effectively reduce emissions and achieve sustainability checkpoints, the Mahindra group under the “Rise for Good” initiative adopted eco-friendly technology and sustainable processes that reduced wastage. They have the #CutTheCrap project, under which 11 facilities have gone zero waste certified by recycling, reusing, and composting waste and have also made their offices plastic-free. 

They have also undertaken several projects of cleaning water bodies and preserving them. Along with groundwater recharging, they have positively impacted 32 villages, the most remarkable one being the Haryali Program. Under this program, Mahindra Group focuses on planting trees, and since its inception, they have grown over 16.4 million trees across India.

These are only a few of the many Indian companies practicing sustainability and working towards a greener and better future.


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