Green Matchmaking

Owning a Plant can Brighten Your Space and Your Mood. Disha Seth Plays Cupid and Finds the Right Plant for Your Personality Type Plant lovers...

Ray of Light

These solar-powered products will have an impact on our future

Green Spaces

Sustainable Development Goes In Hand With Eco-Friendly Buildings

Green is the Gift!

The Normal Gifts Just Got too Redundant and Cliched. Go the Green Way! Youth Inc gives Eco-Friendly Gyan on 'ECO-FRIENDLY' Gifts Available in Gift...

Tips to Keep Pets Safe During Diwali

Whilst Diwali celebrations can be great fun for people, pets can be left trembling, shaking, barking more and injured by fireworks. Light, noise and...

A (banyan) Tree of Hope

Apoorva Nanjangud talks to Sanjay Srinivas, founder of the Grand Banyan project about this large-scale recyclinic project hitting schools across India

Be Greentastic!

A passionate environmentalist, this 14-year-old has volunteered over 1,000 hours in Canada. Harnoor gill encourages the youth to work together to protect the environment

Go the green way with Eco-Friendly Clothes

Consumer patterns in the 21st century will have to transform in order to create ecological balance, prevent labour exploitation, and maintain sustainability for our...

Throw an Eco-Friendly Party!

This party season, throw on your green gloves with these tips on how to have a party with an eco-friendly theme!

Rendezvous with Antarctica

Sarita Singh visited the ice continent as part of the International Antarctic Expedition (IAE) in March. She shares her adventures and experiences with Youth Inc 29-year-old Sarita Singh...

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