Climate Awareness At Home And School: What Can You Do To Help?

climate awareness

Climate change and climate awareness have been a raging topic of discussion, especially after COP27 and the milestones that were achieved. We see countries taking accountability for their contribution toward climate change, but what about us? What are we doing actively and consciously to contribute toward climate protection? Climate awareness among the general public is a very crucial aspect that helps in the protection of the climate. 

Climate change education is something that needs to be incorporated into education systems at the earliest, because the youth of today is the future of tomorrow, and they need to understand the roots of climate change and have to be made aware of the consequences that may follow if the right steps aren’t taken. Educating students about the urgency will let them look at these critically, and respond to the challenges in a meaningful and impactful way, while also making informed decisions. Enabling students to change their attitudes and behavior, and empowering them to become champions of actual climate action should be the duty of educational institutions. It is also worth noting the importance of policymakers, and how they should support educators in this cause and incorporate climate education into their curriculum.

  • While this change needs to occur at the educational level, there are also changes that can be made by you as an adult living in a metropolitan household. Here are a few things that you can try incorporating into your life:
  • Eating food that was locally grown and produced, instead of opting for vegetables that aren’t predominantly grown in your area, locality, or country. 
  • Instead of driving a car, try opting for public transport, or if you’re traveling short distances, you could even walk or use a cycle. If you prefer a car regardless, investing in an electric car could be an option in the near future.
  • Investing in your home to make it more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly is also a great way to contribute. 
  • In terms of fashion and shopping, you could look at thrift stores or charity shops to buy clothes, instead of spending a high amount on branded clothing all the time.
  • Cutting down on meat and dairy products is also a way to contribute. However, these are all personal choices.


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