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Music Production
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If you’ve ever wondered what goes into the making of a creative project, production might just be the profession you’re looking for. Sara Shah tells all about production in different fields and what qualifications you may require

When spoken about in intricate detail, the production boasts of broad meaning. However, when put in simpler words for a layman, production in any given field – be it filmmaking, music, education or news – is merely the putting together of various input for an ultimate outcome. Those who study and go on to become producers in the entertainment field are considered to be a creative leader of sorts, in charge of putting manufacturing and putting together various creative inputs. They are expected to work with and involve a host of different people, along with supervising the creative process. The following is an overview of the meaning and responsibilities of a producer in a few prominent entertainment fields.

News Production

news production
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The field of news has come a long way from just the newspaper. Expanding into a variety of different multimedia such as radio, digital and television, there’s a lot that goes into assembling a news broadcast that is devoid of any flaws. Its a news producers job to correspond with a host of journalists, reporters and editors and come up with a way to provide audiences with a news broadcast that is entertaining and attention-grabbing. When required, you may also have to conjure scripts and organise news via news wire agencies.

Apart from a hefty paycheck and a multitude of responsibilities, one cannot expect to become a news producer on a whim. The job can be extremely difficult and saturating, and working conditions will vary from on-set studies to travelling to the most remote or indesirable locations.


  • Starting from educational qualifications, news production requires a basic Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media and Journalism. Most colleges in Mumbai offer the said degree, and courses and provide in-depth training in news broadcasting and production.
  • While getting through the required degree course may seem fairly easy, the path to acquiring a news producers position does not simply stop there. A TV news producer needs to possess strong journalistic skills and needs to push through years of reporting and journalism. You also need to have strong leadership skills, along with being able to work with a team of employees. Basic technological background and knowledge are also quite essential in today’s digitally inclined age.
  • The most important requirement for a TV news producer is that of experience, and to begin with, it is paramount that you acquire an internship with a news program or a news channel. You will be required to work your way through the years and culminate a wide network of contacts in the news industry.

Film Production

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The position of a film producer is accompanied by a significant control in the making and creative process of a film. Film producers are responsible for ensuring the quality of a film, alongside managing the creative process within an allocated budget.

Film producers are required to interact with a large number of individuals such as the directors, actors, cinematographers and scriptwriters, among several others. Supervising and contributing to movie scripts is also one of the requirements of a film producers job.

Producers are also in charge of securing a budget and funds, along with employing various individuals to fill in the various positions on set. Seeking out a fitting director and casting is also part of the film producers job.


  • Just like any other job, one cannot expect to start out right from the top. Working your way up through the film industry is an absolute given when it comes to a sought after position such as film producers.
  • It is essential that you understand all aspects of filmmaking in order to become a film producer. You won’t come across a lot of film producers who won’t possess razor-sharp skills in acting, directing, scriptwriting or even cinematography.
  • The best way to start out is to enrol in a filmmaking course. Institutions such as the Whistling Woods offers a 3 year Bachelor’s in Arts degree with training in Production, among other aspects of filmmaking. They also offer placements and this is a good way to acquire an entry-level position as a production assistant in prominent production houses and projects.

Music Production

Music production
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Similar to other production jobs, a music producers chair is also much sought after. Working with recording artists and record labels are the most paramount responsibility of a music producer. A music producer works in collaboration with music directors, technicians, engineers and artists to come up musical content, and ensures a secured and allocated budget. In a nutshell, a music producers job is pretty much the same as that of film producers, but a lot more specific to music and sound.


Vast knowledge in the field of music is an absolute must when it comes to music production. Music producers are armed with ginormous knowledge of the various instruments used to make music, the myriad of technological equipment and their know-how, along with more entrepreneurial skills like allocation of budget and generation of funds.

Music schools as such as the Mumbai Music Institute (MMI) offer specialised courses in music production, albeit they do not offer placements. Which is why it is essential to work your way through entry-level jobs at music production houses and have an updated knowledge of the current musical trends and the different technological advancements in the music field.


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