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Do you enjoy assisting people in carrying themselves? Do you take an avid interest in undertaking makeovers for people that result in a winning image? Put your skills to use with Image Consultancy

Ask around and you would know that until a few years ago, Image Consultancy wasn’t even an actual profession. Most of us had to either spend exorbitant amounts of time and money on revamping our wardrobes and our appearances or hire an overcharging stylist to primp us. However, the last few years have seen a rise in the number of image consultancy firms in not just Mumbai, but the world over. And, in good time.

With competition levels rising as high as onion prices during inflation, the need for a powerful first impression has never been more prime than it is today. You can now hire an Image consultant for a reasonable amount of money to help you get your manners in order and keep your wardrobe up-to-date with the latest trends.

Why Image Consultancy?

Being a profession that focuses largely on appearances, one might think of Image consultancy as a superficial business of sorts. But it goes far beyond the veneers of powdered guises and airs. In fact, we’d strongly recommend considering a career in Image consultancy to:

  • Boost your own confidence and self-esteem first, and then your client’s when you’re a practicing Image consultant.
  • Understand the technique of dressing as per what colours, shapes and forms suit your body type best and the roles that you will be taking up.
  • Learn the technique of dressing to make an impactful first impression on the work front.

Most professions and companies first observe the way you’re dressed and the way you carry yourself during an interview. Your polished appearance will exude an almost ‘put together’ vibe that will play a key role in your initial hiring process.

Getting There

Becoming a practicing Image consultant is a lot less complex than it sounds. You don’t require a shining academic record and neither do you have to devout a copious amount of time behind books. Since Image consultancy is fairly new here, your best bet for a course in the field would be the Image Consulting Business Institute, whose branches are dotted across the city. Image consulting courses, for the most part, cover several aspects fashion with an emphasis on colour selection and business wear, alongside less vanity-based areas like communication and nutrition. They work to work on improving public speaking and interpersonal communication skills and further enable you to pursue a degree in Public Relations or Mass Communication.

For freshers, its best to look out for internships or jobs in fashion and PR firms, which focus heavily on image building. You can also choose to become an independent consultant or work with an image consultancy firm. However, should you choose to go down the independent path, you should know that the trend of image consultancy is still catching up in India and so, effective networking is essential to establish yourself in this profession.


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