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physical training
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If you think we’re suggesting getting into a brawl or a fistfight as a job, dispose of the idea right away. We’re actually talking about a promising career in Physical Training!

Imagine a job that not only gets you paid but also leaves you looking like a million bucks by the end of the month! Not to mention, it will keep you fit for the rest of your life! Over the last few decades, the need to be fit and healthy has grown at a breakneck speed. With its rise came the advent of the lucrative business of gyms. You could travel anywhere in the world and you will find at least a handful of gyms at your nearest location, which offers the latest and the most updated fitness training techniques. With the introduction of new techniques and equipment came the need for gyms to hire physical trainers, who not only provide basic training to gym members but also devout time to individuals who require a more focused gym routine. And of course, you have to pay more than regular gym memberships for a personal physical trainer!


The number of people who are interested in pursuing a career in sports isn’t a small one. However, not everyone who pursues an athletic passion can become an athlete. The competition is ruthless and more often than not, it requires immense monetary resources to train and compete. This is where physical training as a career step in and here’s why you should consider it as a profession:

  • Be it in gyms or in athletics, the demand for a physical trainer is at an all-time high. Gym members are more than willing to shell out extra cash for a trainer who will focus just on you.
  • You’re not limited to just gyms, but being a certified trainer opens up a myriad of opportunities for you in the health sector.
  • You get to stay as fit as possible. While you will be working on your clients to keep them fit, your gym will also allow you to spend a given amount of time on just yourself.
  • Alongside being physically liberating, a physical trainers job also enables you to channel all your energy into making yourself better emotionally. The next time you’re feeling the blues, you know where to head.


Considering that physical training focuses mainly on fitness, you will need to have an active background and a keen interest in health and sports. However, that isn’t all you need. Your clients will need to be assured that they are in good hands, which is why you will have to keep yourself well-informed about the craft, as well as experienced.
There are more than sufficient fitness academies in India, which enable you to take up a course in physical training, complete with a Diploma or a Certification. But be warned – these courses are not all about the play. You will have to study for a fair amount of time. Keep in mind that such courses can also be a tad bit costly, but is definitely worth the investment. Post your course, you can take up a job a job at a gym or even work as an independent trainer.


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