Buying A New TV Set in Diwali Is A Family Tradition, Get It At Low Prices

Diwali tv set
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The beauty of the Indian electronics market lies in its inclusivity, and the case is no different for televisions. You will come across excellent alternatives in every price range. If you have the capacity to revel in luxury, umpteen premium TVs will flash before your eyes as you explore the market. And if you possess a limited budget, the very same market will throw unlimited low price LED TVs to choose from. The TV sector in India is not bound to experience a dull period as it extends such wide-ranging options. The sales of televisions rise exponentially during the festive season, with customers going on a shopping spree to deck up their homes with the latest home appliances.

This jovial mood has already set in with Navratri and Diwali knocking on the doors. So, avail exciting deals and offers on home appliances by different e-commerce websites. Amid the variety of shopping destinations, you don’t have to look further than the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. The level of consumer-pleasing features in place at India’s premier shopping hub would leave you impressed. For instance, the Big Navratri Savings commencing from 3rd October will present a chance for buyers to win cashback vouchers worth up to 5,000 INR. So, there are infinite opportunities to economise and save even on low priced LED TVs if you are hunting for one. Before presenting you with some of the low price LED TVs available at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, become aware of the features that you may savour with these entry-level variants. 

Features you will encounter in a low-priced LED TV

  • Screen size: The average screen size of the TV in the price range under 25,000 INR happens to be 32 inches. A 32-inch screen is relatively smaller as per the current established standards. It would not be a perfect addition to your living room unless the seating distance is too less and few members watch it concurrently. However, a 32-inch screen TV can be a welcome inclusion in your bedroom. Your plans of binge-watching your favourite show, soaking in the atmosphere of a riveting sporting action etc. right from your bedroom can receive a boost. While the 32-inch screen size is customary in this price range, VU TV, Mi TV and a few other brands offer some exceptions. They follow an aggressive pricing technique, and hence, you may come across 40-inch TVs from these few names. 
  • Resolution: The number of pixels giving effect to an image on the screen is referred to as TV resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality. In the low-budget range, HD Ready and Full HD are the two common resolutions. In HD Ready TVs, 1,366 x 768 is the combination of horizontal and vertical pixels. Full HD resolution, on the other hand, offers 1920 x 1080 pixels. The detailing, brightness and contrast appear more prominent in the Full HD devices. You can only access UHD 4K resolution in the high-end variants. 

Best low-price LED TVs to consider this festive season

  • Haier 81.28 cm (32-inch) Full HD LED Black (LE32K6600GA): This resplendent model from Haier can add value to your room like no other. Thin bezels and elegant design can leave any onlooker impressed. With an 18-20% discount available on this product, you can bring it home by just spending a little under 20,000 INR. Haier has gradually secured its place as a reliable brand. Hence, you may depend on this TV to score high on longevity. 
  • LG 81.28 cm (32-inch) HD Ready Tv Black (32LK526BPTA): A low price LED TV from LG is undoubtedly worth a try even though this variant offers HD Ready resolution. LG was the first company to begin manufacturing OLED TVs, which vividly showcases its commitment to the TV sector. LG LED TVs are a class apart, and you may consider this model while drawing your shopping list. 
  • Samsung 81.28 cm (32-inch) HD Ready LED Smart TV Titan Grey (UA32T4450AKLXL): This South Korean conglomerate is no stranger to the Indian electronic market. So, investing in this model must be a straightforward decision, not to be clouded with doubts.  
  • Mi 101.6 cm (40 Inch) LED Smart TV Black (4A 40): Mi is one of the few brands that is turning heads with its low-priced LED TVs. This 40-inch model in the sub-25,000 INR category is a brilliant example of its competitive pricing strategy. Ringing in the festive mood with this Mi TV will be a worthy decision. 

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Store offers top-notch products in every price bracket. From brands offering stunning products at low prices such as Haier and VU TVs to the ones dealing in premium goods such as Sony, India’s go-to online shopping platform has it all. Come this festive season, customers will have ample opportunities to save on home appliances. Furthermore, the convenient EMI facility is also accessible. Thus, you can easily streamline your budget. If you use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you can be exempted from paying interest on the EMI (No Cost EMI) to buy VU TV. Zero down payment facility is also accessible on select models, requiring no margin contribution from the buyer.


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