With These Decor Ideas, A Festive Vibe Is Sure To Settle In Your Home

Festive vibe
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Diwali is a festival that not just lights up homes, but also hearts. It is one of the brightest and most widely celebrated festivals in India. One cannot disagree that the festive vibe that settles during the 5 days of Diwali is unmatchable to any other festival. Although we do decorate the outside of our houses with diyas, lanterns and lightings, it’s not fair to seclude the interior of our homes from sharing the same festive vibe. 

This Diwali let’s decorate our homes too with these amazingly easy and pretty decor ideas. 

Change pillow covers of the couch

To give a little traditional feel to the house, you can change your regular pillow covers to the ones having Indian saree prints and designs. Not only do they look festive but also brighten up the room. 

Make use of handcrafted lampshades 

For this, you simply need to draw a floral design on coloured papers, and perforate it with either a board pin or compass. Then fold the paper into a round shape and glue the ends together. Place it over the lamp in such a way that the light beams through the paper holes.  This will give a warm and soft feel to your house at night time. 

Invest in some mini lanterns

There is an ample variety of mini lanterns available in the market in different shapes and sizes. You can buy a few of them and fix it within your homes, just slightly below your ceiling. I cannot stress enough how much these make homes look all decked up. 

Place small decorative diyas on the table

Get your coasters to use and place well-painted diyas on them. You can either use the actual diyas or the battery-operated diyas to decorate your table. You can also decorate the areas around your diyas with follower petals of different kinds. 

Fairy Light Strings 

You can make use of fairy lights and drop them hanging at the doors of rooms in the house during the evening time. 

Diwali is a festival of lights. The more you light up your home, the more festive vibe you will get out of this Diwali. 


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