Best of Music – September 2015


You know a singing sensation has been established when she has won 20 Grammy awards and dominated the billboard chart for her entire span of 14-years-and-counting career.  In celebration of Queen B’s 33rd birthday this September, we are taking a stroll down the memory lane and give you a list of her record smashing singles that made an undeniable impact on the pop culture.

Crazy in Love (2003)
After a powerful stint as the lead single for the R&B girl-group Destiny child, Beyonce’s transformation into a solo artist turned out to be a treat for R&B lovers. Deliriously catchy with infectiously commanding beats, Crazy in love, a single from her first album as solo artist become a chart topping triumph; wining 2 Grammys in its wake.

Single Ladies
Single Ladies (2008)
If Crazy in Love established Beyonce as the next big thing, then ‘Single Ladies’ forever etched her into the cherished memories of her fans. Highly choreographed with authoritative vocals and foot tapping beats (and of course, those infectious handclaps!), this track urged women to take charge of their meandering relationships. A fan favourite, the song was positioned no.1 in Rolling Stone.

Halo (2009)
While sick beats and strong vocals are synonymous with Beyonce, through Halo she entered the poignant and highly melodious romantic territory. A pop power ballad, Halo was hailed by the critics and fans alike for the refined departure from her recurring singing style. The song brought out her emotional vulnerability, something the fans hadn’t had the chance to see before from the Queen of R&B. The song went ahead to collect another Grammy for Beyonce under Best Female Pop Vocal category.

Who run the world
Run the World (Girls) (2011)
Overwhelming beats, snazzy vocals and futuristic dance choreography, this Beyonce song become an instant feminist anthem of sorts. Empowering lyrics is something Beyonce is known for; however, this time around, it was the coarse edge that she extends, through her aggressive vocals, to the overall feel of the song that makes it so insanely captivating.

Drunk in Love
Drunk in love (2013)
Nobody celebrates female sexuality as unflinchingly as Beyonce. This song featuring her husband Jay Z, assumed to be a follow up to the song Crazy in Love, showcases a master at her best. Oozing sensuality backed with confident vocals, the song dominated music charts worldwide.


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