Best of TV – September 2015


‘When you are filthy rich, you are bound to indulge in some filth’ is the motto the high society brats seem to live by. Listed below are some of the TV Shows filled with glamour, conspiracy, Gucci’s and Prada’s, which revolved around the rich and their scandals.

The Royals 
Based on the idea of the present day British Monarchy, the show features a bratty princess, a fun loving yet self righteous heir and a control freak of a Queen of England mom. As you watch with envy in your heart as they get out one Rolls Royce to get into another, you can’t help but enjoy the light hearted drama their life is entwined in.

Wrapped in a thriller centring on a girl avenging her father, this TV Show presents the glitz, the glamour and the money in a unique subtlety. Although the plotline is engaging enough to make you put the next episode on download while watching the previous one, the money laden screenplay is definitely a bonus.
Gossip Girl 
With weekends marked with a ball or charity gala or a prom or anything that you can call a party with ‘money’ as the dress code, Gossip Girl was a celebration of its own kind. The story was a simple one; a mysterious blogger writes about the high society upper east-siders, which was made star studded, with $200 cocktails and high profile planning plotting and backbiting in cocktail dresses.

Set in Beverly Hills, 90210, the story of a group of teenagers belonging to the same league as Richie Rich. Each episode is filled with drama, paired with inter mingled back stories of each character where money, power and passion plays the protagonist. The story is more of a build-as-you-go kind, so the identity of the mysterious blogger and the major bling factor is what keeps the viewers hooked.

The O.C
The story revolves around a simple boy from the wrong side of the Chino tracks and ends up in the middle of snarky, snobby, Newport brats and goes on to not just become a part of them but also rule them. This bejewelled acceptance of a boy next door into the super elite club of the super rich has a dreamy quality that makes one go from episode to episode.


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