Antaragni 2021 – The Cultural Festival Of IIT Kanpur

Antaragni 2021

Antaragni, the cultural festival of IIT Kanpur, marks an eruption of cultural flair and creative exuberance that is the hallmark of our national diversity in general, and our institute in particular, thus defining the purpose it seeks to fulfill. Over the years, Antaragni has expanded and evolved into the biggest cultural extravaganza organised by students of an institute. The fest has experienced a breath-taking 130,000-strong footfall with more than 25,000,000 eyeballs. More than anything else, Antaragni is a legacy promoting excellence and prowess in talent and culture that has been continuing for over 54 years and we are proud to conduct the 55th edition of Antaragni while keeping the spark alive and the fire inside each one of us, raging.

  • In view of the ongoing pandemic, Antaragni is being conducted in an online mode while preserving the spirit and zest of our Cultural Festival, to keep the enthusiasm high and the legacy ever golden. The second phase of Antaragni is scheduled from March 19 to March 21, 2021, with a myriad of cultural artists, influential visionaries, and soulful personalities gracing our ebullient cultural festival.
  • Antaragni presents a plethora of star attractions to look forward to with zeal and passion
  • The Stand-up comedy event aimed to induce rib-tickling laughter amalgamated with a brilliant comedic premise stars the prominent and hilarious comedians, Aakash Gupta and Harsh Gujral in the lineup.
  • They also present the India Inspired event with Smriti Irani, Vikram Chandra, Andy Mukherjee and Siddhartha Bagri, with the motivation to inspire the audience through the perspective of illustrious personalities cutting across a multitude of fields.
  • The Alum Inspired event includes a talk with Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao who is an Indian Economist and Central Banker.
  • The Talent Fiesta event introduces talents across a wide cultural setting as the name suggests and as a part of the event, we introduce Satyajit Padhye Page and Ami B Shroff with their immense and unique talents.
  • As part of the Wanderlust series, we present enchanting stories of people travelling across the globe along with tricks of the trade with Desi Girl Traveller, Footloose Dev, Indian Travel Diaries, and Kishore Asokan.
  • Sejal Kumar and Arati Kadav also join the lineup of high-spirited cultural artists as part of the Ignite event and Director’s Cut respectively.
  • Expanding the creative spectrum of Antaragni, we also present artists from around the world with their idiosyncratic talents and cultural motivations, with a mission to tell their story. This monumental lineup features Maymi Asgari, Giselle, Angie Cepeda, Cristian Duca, Alexandra Pana, Jason Maher, Dimitris Pekas & Giacomo Gamberucci, Prichia Beatbox, Luke White, Gonzo, Gwyneth Dorado, Jehova Shallom & Acapella ug, and Juzzie Smith.


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