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mental health experts
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In today’s world, five out of every ten people irrespective of their age suffer from some or the other kind of pressure or mental strain. This leads to hindrance in their peace of mind. The lack of awareness to handle such discomfort of conscience later takes the form of serious mental disorders such as anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, commonly known as OCD, or even depression. To heal, people decide to seek professional help, however, often fail to approach the right mental health experts

We understand the dilemma one must be going through. For this purpose, we have listed the different kinds of mental health experts and the field they specialise in. This will help in making a decision easy. 

1. Life Coach  

 He or she is a person who helps you to find your goals and to formulate the right action plan to achieve them. They are certificate holders of a diploma in life coaching. Sometimes when we find it difficult to handle our daily tasks or are unable to complete them in spite of trying our level best for varied reasons, a Life Coach comes to your rescue. 

2. Psychologist 

A psychologist is a person holding at least a postgraduate degree in psychology. He or she helps a person by the means of various therapies or counselling sessions without the use of any sort of drugs. A person feeling persistent sadness, difficulty in concentration, uncontrollable anxiety or anything significant regarding his/her behaviour or personality who is unwilling to take the aid of any pills should contact a psychologist. 

3. Psychiatrist 

Mental Health Experts
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He/she is a person with a medical background who can prescribe drugs when required; to deal with various mental issues or psychological discomforts. Since they are trained medical practitioners they take drugs as their main path to treat mental illnesses or disorders. So, an independent who believes in the power of allopathy can contact a psychiatrist regarding any kind of psychological problem he or she is going through.

4. Career Counsellor 

As the name suggests, a career counsellor is a perfect guide for students who find it difficult to take the correct career route or are unable to figure out what to do next after the completion of their degrees. They not only help to sort from the various career opportunities that you already know about but also open the doors to various interesting and economically benefiting occupations that you were earlier unaware of. With the use of various psychometric tests which relate a child’s personality with the careers available, career counsellors help in finding the most suitable career choice for you. So, whenever you feel lost in your path to self-sustenance you know where to head for support and guidance.

5. Spiritual Practitioner 

They support people in creating a vibrant and peaceful lifestyle by means of meditation, affirmative prayer and life visioning. Their healing method focuses on the unity of one’s soul with the infinite. According to Jennifer Capler who is a licensed Spiritual practitioner, ” A practitioner is a healing instrument who has answered the call to put god, spirit, love, divine, intelligence or whatever name one chooses to call this infinite presence, first and foremost in their lives “. So,  if you are a deep believer of spirituality or a Yoga enthusiast, you can definitely find the solution of your mental health with them.

With the right mental health experts, one can not only replace the gloom, and cries of their lives with joy, and laughter, but can also prevent themselves and their loved ones from falling into a deep pit of unhappiness and unpleasant experiences which come with a psychological problem.


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