Amol Yadav A Young Pilot Builds A 6 Seater Aircraft On His Own Terrace

Amol Yadav
Image Credits: Livemint

Amol Yadav, a pilot by profession built an experimental six-seater aircraft on the terrace of his residence. It took about 19 years for Yadav to make the model deprived of any error. Our very own Prime minister, Narendra Modi met the young pilot this Sunday and awarded him for his efforts. Expressing his experience with the PM, Yadav said, “He asked me several questions about the project and assured me of his support in future”.

The young enthusiast was facing difficulties in getting regulatory clearances from aviation watchdog, DGCA ( Director General Of Civil Aviation) since 2011. When this news reached the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, he informed Mr. Modi. Addressing the concern, Narendra Modi, made it possible for him to receive the permit to fly, just three days ago. The pilot, expressing his gratitude towards the PM said, “I am really happy that he was following the project and invited me to his house. He asked me if my dream has been fulfilled now, it was unexpected for him to know so much about my project.” 

Amol Yadav built the indigenous aircraft entirely at his own expense. He spent an enormous amount of rupees 4 crores to build the plane without any economical support from the Indian government. However, last year he received a deal of rupees 35,000 crores from India’s first plane factory. The PM has also put an appreciation tweet for Amol Yadav with a picture of his single-engined craft. In the tweet, he even explained the regulatory hurdles faced by him and highlighted his contribution to enabling the pilot to achieve his dream.

This initiative by Anmol Yadav has not only acted as a source of inspiration for the youth but has also contributed significantly to the ‘Make in India Movement’. Further, the favors and support granted by the Prime Minister has indeed helped him in creating a soft corner for himself in the hearts of common people like us.


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