A Student’s Reflection On The Popular Story Called “Hidden Figures”

Hidden Figures
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A biographical drama based on a book of the same name about a team of African American mathematicians. Which turned the American space industry around in the 1960s. About people who had to remain in the shadows because of their gender and skin color.

Talented women made calculations for NASA. Their research paper made possible the first flights of American astronauts into space. Their contribution to the tightening of the space race with the USSR. The phenomenal abilities of employees forced the authorities to take several necessary steps. They made an essential contribution to the fight against segregation and female discrimination.

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Key historical moment

Despite the brutal actions of American citizens towards blacks, the US and the USSR began the space race. It was important for each country to get ahead in space exploration. This race started in 1957 and ended in 1975, right after World War II. The USSR sent the Sputnik-1 satellite into space, an impetus to the beginning of the race between the two powers. The satellite launch symbolized new prospects for the USSR after such heavy hostilities.

This could not go unnoticed by the Americans, so they opened a space base called NASA, where all the calculations and developments for space flight were carried out. However, the USSR has already managed to send the first living creature, the dog Laika. To achieve the technological pinnacle, the Americans had to use the country’s best minds, which is why even dark-skinned personnel were recruited into NASA, which they did not regret.

Achievements in history

Few historical achievements have received such unconditional recognition as the national space program. As well as the first desperately bold attempts to send humanity into space. It was the embodiment of a fantastic dream of society at the dawn of its history. President Kennedy inspired the nation on the path to an important goal. At the beginning of the space age, the astronauts who went on risky flights into the unknown became legends.

Role in people’s lives

Today, no one cares who went into orbit first. Nobody cares who programmed the flights. Also, people are not interested in who played a crucial role in everything. But to understand the current culture and the attitude of people towards each other and the world, you need to go a little deeper into just such a story.

A story about people who fight

“Hidden Figures” is a universal story about people who fight for their rights, not going to rallies and shaking the air. Black women do responsible work. They do it so flawlessly that even enemies, perhaps unwittingly, admire their work. People recognize their contribution to astronautics.

Difficult moments that are affected

For all its joys and victories, Hidden Figures also takes us to the epicenter of some of the most brutal battles in American history. Where the main problems are revealed. We now list the main ones:

  •  The growing struggle for civil rights.
  •  Fight for victory in the Cold War without risking a nuclear conflict.
  •  Desire to become the first superpower.
  •  Sending a person beyond the planet Earth.
  •  Rapid scientific and technological progress.
  •  Confirmations that discoveries do not have gender or race.

Times with disabilities

It was a time of unreasonably limited opportunities. Yet, these brilliant women at NASA have quietly transcended boundaries, redefining what is possible—and what the nation needs—and convincingly affirming their importance to America’s future. They made a contribution that has helped to this day.

The possibility of implementing knowledge

The opportunity to realize your knowledge, skills, and vocation when the challenges of the Second World War changed the country’s social structure. Less well-known is that the same thing happened in science and mathematics. Faced with a severe shortage of male scientists and mathematicians and new laws prohibiting racial discrimination, defense contractors and federal agencies began to look for women and African Americans with the necessary skills to continue research.

Digital supercomputers that could accurately calculate missile guidance and re-entry trajectories did not yet exist. The aerospace industry needed people with exceptional talent. People who could work as “living computers”. These are rare people with extraordinary minds capable of mentally performing the most complex calculations at lightning speed.

Disclosed problems

In the age of slavery and racial segregation, when the US political system characterized itself as white domination, black people had a tough time in life because there was Jim Crow law. The main idea of ​​this law was to separate blacks from whites.

That is, not only were African Americans denied the right to vote, but they were also banned from attending schools and universities with whites. However, this is not all the humiliation they had to put up with, in many public places, particular areas were allocated for people of color. And some restaurants, shops, and hotels refused to serve black people.

Incredible things that changed everything

All these difficulties caused by segregation and the space race have overtaken poor women. Therefore, they had to go to incredible deeds in the struggle for their rights. By the time the billing department closed, all the employees were already working with computers. Mary did not accept the blatant injustice and therefore sued for the opportunity to study at that same college for whites. Ultimately, each girl became very respected and considered an equal team member.

What does the author express?

The book is adapted for the screen, and executive producer Margo Lee Shetterly was stunned by the fact that almost no one knows. Shetterly wrote her novel Hidden Figures, based on interviews, extensive achievements, and archival information, about how gracefully and optimistically they settled amidst their difficulties.


History plunges into all the subtleties of fate. They have revealed problems for the entire period. A dramatic story about how people fought for their rights. They were able to give up their knowledge and implement it. A stormy scientific and technological process is perfectly demonstrated. Stunning achievements that change the face of the world.


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