7 Best Jobs For College Students With No Experience


Every person who has graduated from college knows that the first few months after graduation are the worst. Not only are you taking a big step into the adult world where your everyday life is full of responsibilities, you also need to finally start trying to get a job.

The problem starts when you realize that all the positions you are interested in require you to have previous experience. This can be pretty tough since you just graduated, so the best option is to look for jobs which are more approachable for you. Here are some of the best jobs which can be perfect for you if you have no previous working experience.

Tour Guide

If you’ve studied something related to arts or history, this job could truly be a great option for you. Tour guides have particular things they need to memorize and they usually don’t work long hours. Since you will be new in the work market, you should look out for volunteering tour guide programs through which you can gain a lot of information for the job.

Customer Service in a Book Shop

If you love books and you could see yourself working in a quieter environment, there are plenty of local bookstores which could offer you a great first job. Working with customers will help you gain some experience regarding customer service and you will be able to better prepare for future employment opportunities.


Working as a photographer is one of the coolest jobs for anyone who has only recently graduated. There are plenty of courses online which can teach you some basic tricks and principles of photography, and you can easily sell your pieces online for a very good price.

This is also a great job for people who have studied anything related to digital arts as they will be able to better understand editing and formatting their pictures to the desires of their clients.


If you are bilingual or know more than one language, working as a translator could really be a great option for you. Getting a basic translation certification is usually quite simple and you can start working with smaller companies online which will help you gain some much-needed experience. Companies such as PickWriters and some of the largest translation companies online are always looking for new translators to add to their teams.

Server at a restaurant

Working as a server at a restaurant or a diner is a job that many people chose to do at some point in their lives, especially if you’re trying to fend for yourself through university. There are always positions available for newcomers and the environment is very friendly and forgiving, making this job a good one for those who have no previous experience.

Social media manager

If you studied anything related to marketing or you are willing to take some quick online marketing courses, you could very easily land a job as a social media manager for any company. There are plenty of spots open online for these positions and many companies even offer training to those interested in joining their teams.

The good thing about this job is that companies usually prefer younger people to work as social media managers as they are full of ideas and can keep up with all kinds of posting schedules. Give this a try and you might even end up enjoying the position.


Last but not least, working as a freelancer is the number one job which required no experience for you when you start out. You can easily find work based on what you studied and you can truly find jobs which will let you not only work from home but also gain experience and express your creativity.

Websites such as Upwork are a great place to start for those who are interested in finding a job in their field. This and other similar websites are a legitimate way for you to earn your first money and experience in a safe and professional way.

Finding a job after college can be tough

The first few months after graduating are always the toughest, but you don’t need to worry. There are many opportunities for you to find work and prosper in your field. You just need to keep in mind that you will need to be patient if you wish to eventually land your desired position.

You might have to do things that are slightly out of your field too but you should not be discouraged. Every job, as long as it’s legal is a great opportunity for you to gain working experience and broaden your horizons. Give yourself some time to practice and you will be able to work towards your dream, job step by step.


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