How Does Mental Fitness Ensure Better Educational Focus?

mental fitness

Mental Health is an important aspect of overall human well being. In this fast-moving world of corporate lifestyle, academic pressure, competition, etc. one hardly gets time to look after their physical health, let alone their mental health, which looks like a pre-lost battle. A balance of mental fitness and well-being can be very beneficial to the students. Here are 5 reasons on how mental fitness can contribute to academics and overall focus:

Out Of The Box Ideas

Research shows that a mentally fit student can produce and create more out of the box ideas or plans than a student who is going through some form of mental pressure or stress. At the university level, mental stress is a commonly observed problem among many students. For the solution of which academic councillors advise the students to take up odd activities which nowhere relate to their academics or the course, they are currently studying.

Better concentration

Concentration is the key requirement to achieve a good grade at any level, be it in schools, high-schools or University. Concentration as a skill is what many students lack. This may be for various reasons – lack of interest, forced subject, or any other reason that may be stopping the student from achieving better concentration. In order to overcome the mental barrier of lack of concentration, meditation and focusing exercises play a pivotal role.

Vocational Confidence

In most of our school and college lives, we may have gone through a phase of a stage fright or a sudden chill when asked to read out in front of the class without a book. However, this problem may not always arise due to a mental glitch or disturbance. It is believed to occur because students tend to create pre-assumed outcomes before even beginning to speak in front of an audience. It is possible to mentally overcome these barriers and generate a new confidence in a student, which will enable them to speak confidently in front of an audience.


Productivity is a key that many students lack. The textbook knowledge makes them think in a monotonous and a dull way. During exams, most of the students tend to write the same textual answers that they’ve been taught, whereas in subjects like Literature, History, etc. There is a possibility for students to come up with a different and a more productive answer.

Increases Awareness

If a person or a student is undergoing any form of mental stress or is not mentally ‘fit’, there are very high chances that the student may lace observational skills, which may result in lack of awareness and curiosity levels. It is a well known and proven fact that mental fitness also ensures a much better awareness level and the student tends to be more aware of happenings in the classroom and in the outside world.

Everyone goes through mental stress in some or the other form, mental stress and disturbance is commonly seen in teenagers and students. The best way to overcome this is to seek the help of a counsellor, or a trusted parent or friend.


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