5 Friendly Tips That Will Help Introverts To Survive At Workplace

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Office is a place where you have to deal with people on a daily basis. Since we spend a major part of our lives working, it is crucial that we work in a healthy environment and build cordial relationships. While it seems that most advice on how to succeed at the workplace assumes that extraversion is the norm, it is not so. Introverts do tend to get misunderstood or overlooked at workplaces. If you feel that you are an introvert and find it daunting to survive at your workplace, here are a few friendly tips for you.

1. The Universal Language of Smiling

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A lot of people would agree that introversion is often confused with egotism. It is very important for us to have a healthy relationship with our colleagues in the workplace. While verbal communication is a good way to establish a friendly bond, it is not the only way to do so. Smiling is a simple act which induces positivity in the environment. It helps us appear more approachable and cordial. Smile more and communicate warmth-this strategy never fails!

2. Take Up Tasks and Stay Occupied

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As introverts, we tend to speak less and think more. Sometimes overthinking consumes our minds and we go down a spiral. To prevent that from happening, take up tasks and keep yourself busy. Moreover, taking up jobs is not only a good work ethic but also great for personal development. Distraction from negative thoughts is a necessity for efficiency at the workplace and a healthy mind and what better distraction than hard work!

3. Rehearsal to the Rescue

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Most people find it hard to address a crowd and in the case of introverts, it becomes even more difficult. Workplaces require us to attend conferences, make presentations and express our ideas in front of groups of people. Practise and rehearse for meetings in advance to get rid of the anxiety that might interfere with your star performance. This helps you gain confidence and bring your A-game on. If you find it strenuous to talk about yourself or don’t know what to say, you may also prepare a set of go-to questions to avoid those awkward silent pauses when you run into acquaintances. Simple Questions like ‘How was your weekend?’ or ‘What have you been working on lately?’ is sure to relieve you of the awkwardness and tension that you experience when in an elevator with your colleagues; a period that feels like years.  

4. Non Verbal Cues

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Talking and socialising might not be your thing but through effective non-verbal communication, you can get yourself noticed. Non-verbal communication forms a social language of its own that is in many ways richer than words themselves. Research suggests that non-verbal communication in the form of postures and gestures is associated with self-assurance. Head held high, eye contact and a straight back are just a few symbols that help a person exude confidence. While confidence is not something you need to show off but it is substantial and indicates that you are good at what you do and you mean business.

5. Too much modesty is a no-no

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The thing that introverts usually try to avoid at all costs is the spotlight. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up. Don’t be shy to talk about your achievements. Introverts often come up with brilliant ideas and are efficient workers but are too hesitant to take credit for that. As long as you are humble, it is absolutely fine to talk about your projects or the uncountable ways in which you are creating value for the workplace. Never undersell your accomplishments and accept compliments graciously. Every achievement deserves recognition!

Being introverted doesn’t mean that you are not as good as the social bees around you. There is no need to compromise on your identity or pick up habits that you are not comfortable with because you think that being outgoing is the only way to reach better places in life. Introverts make some of the best leaders and most successful people in the world. Emma Watson, Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling and Mark Zuckerberg are some of the most successful introverted people ever. Who knows, you could be next.


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