It’s Not An Exaggeration When We Say There Is ‘Food For Every Mood’

food for every mood
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Many will agree with me when I say that “Food is the best thing in life” because it really is! Food offers so many options and each of it has a different effect on our mood. While a tub of ice cream helps in dealing with heartbreak, having a hot steaming cup of coffee recharges the body to send out a hundred emails at work. 

Similarly, there are various foods that help in soothing different moods. Whether you want to feel happy or shed off anger, there is food for every mood! 


food for every mood
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We feel sad very often, especially when we get into a conflict with our loved ones, or sometimes even with ourselves. If we are feeling sad, upset or even low, the best thing to cheer the mood and feel happy is to obviously eat ice cream. It releases endorphins (the happy hormone). Other foods to eat are strawberries and chocolates. Don’t eat too many chocolates though as they also have a tendency to make us lethargic.  


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We all know that anger isn’t a good thing but it also isn’t something we are good at controlling. We often walk out of our boss’s cabin with a frown on our face and using cuss words in our mind. We also walk out of the house and slam the door hard behind us after getting into a heated argument with parents/partner. However, this won’t help in calming the anger down. You know what will? Eating fruits and leafy greens, eggs, nuts and chia seeds. 


food for every mood
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Anxiety is gradually becoming a normal mood/feeling among people. It is a persistent fear one has about everyday activities or situations. Though there are a few exercises like meditation and breathing exercises to soothe anxiety, there are certain foods that help too. Chamomile tea and green tea is considered best for relieving anxiety. Yoghurt, turmeric, dark chocolate, almonds, blueberries, citrus fruits, and oats too help reduce anxiety. 


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Lethargy usually takes over when you overeat a meal or overwork and feel tired. There is no doubt that caffeinated beverages help is getting rid of lethargy but too much caffeine is bad for health. The best options to fight lethargy are nuts like cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts and seeds like sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Fresh fruits also help keep the mind active. Make sure your diet includes sufficient amounts of carbs as they are a great source of energy too. 


food for every mood
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Sometimes we just feel irritated because of minor inconveniences. At such times all we need is to pump up our mood and what other best way than to eat the food that we love. Be it some fries or pasta, you must eat whatever you love to make yourself feel a little better. At times, doing this is fine. Don’t be too hard on yourself. 

Your moods highly depend on the kind of foods you eat and the type of diet you maintain. The more healthy food you consume, the better your mood stays. Make sure you inculcate healthy foods into your diet which will not only maintain a good mood but also help maintain your overall wellness.


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