8 Graceful Ways To Receive A Compliment To Help Escape An Awkward Situation

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If “Hey, I love what you are wearing, it’s bringing a beautiful colour on you”, or “That lipstick shade makes you look really hot”, “I love your hair, makes you look handsome”, or even a simple “You have such pretty eyes” compliment makes you all awkward then it’s established that you are bad at receiving a compliment. 

It’s fine if you are bad at receiving a compliment. Those bad at receiving a compliment are usually the ones who don’t like to talk much to people, don’t care much about their looks or the way they dress up or are simply socially awkward around people. 

So we completely understand what a nightmare it might feel like when someone compliments you. Worry no more, because here are some best ways to receive a compliment 

1. Smile and say “Thank you”. Come on now, two words aren’t that difficult 

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2. “Oh that is so sweet of you. Though I don’t think so, but thank you anyway.” 

3. “Thanks, you too look gorgeous” (…or just notice something you like about them and give them a compliment in exchange)

4. “Thank you so much, you just made my day” (let them know that their compliment actually made you happy, because who doesn’t like compliments)

5. “Really? Thank you! It’s nice to know”

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6. “I have to agree with you on this. These shoes do go well with my shirt.” (Just agree with them, if you feel the same way about the compliment. There is no harm is self-appreciating and self-complimenting)

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7. “Thanks, my best friend gifted me this on my birthday.” (let them know, you have the best friends and family, because why not)

8. “Thanks, you like it? I got them from XYZ store, you too should check out the store.” (help them get their hands on some cool stuff too) 

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Try these out, it will surely help you in receiving a compliment without getting awkward.


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