4 Easy Ways Of Discussing Your Career Plans With Your Parents

career plans
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The career path you decide for yourself becomes a determining factor for the kind of future you will have. Considering this, it is important to sit down with your parents and discuss your higher education and career plans. 

Once you decide on choosing a particular career, you must convey this to your parents. Agreed, that most parents won’t know much about the diverse career fields existing today, but they still will prove to be beneficial in providing the required suggestions, support and aid. 

In most cases, it is difficult to convince your parents to allow you to pursue a career that is not engineering, medicine or business, but it is definitely not impossible. You just need to know how to convince them.

So let us look at the 4 simple and effective ways of discussing your career plans with your parents:

Pick one option and be sure of it

If you have completed school, you must start navigating through your interests. Always pick up what you like and in which your interest lies. Do not blindly pick any options just because your friends picked it up or because someone else tells you too. If it interests you and if you are willing to pursue it, then go for it.  

Don’t step on multiple stones, you will trip. If you are still confused between 2-3 options, take your time to analyse which one suits and captures your interest more. Once you become sure of what you want to do, then approach your parents. 

career plans
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Do your research

Let’s say that talking to your parents about your career choice is as good as giving a job interview. When you make a choice, make sure you go to your parents completely prepared. Know what you are going to say. Explain to them what the career is about and what does it entail. This involves explaining the kind of job you will be expected to do, career prospects and scope, the salary you can earn, work timings, etc. If you plan to pursue higher education to excel in the career field of your choice, make sure you make a list of colleges and universities you can/want to study in, its fee structure, location, and other details. If you plan to look for jobs, then before applying, research about the companies and provide to your parents.

When you convey to them about the career you want to pursue and back it up with thorough research, you show strong determination which makes them take you and your plans seriously.

Be open to suggestions and advice 

Be accepting and welcoming of their suggestions. Make them feel like they are a part of your career plan and decision. We have a habit of not listening to our parents. Don’t block your mind to advice coming from your parents. If there is something they suggest and you are unwilling to agree, don’t blow them off. Listen and let them finish. Then put forth your opinion and again back it up with facts and logic. You can even consider the suggestions they give. It might genuinely help you. 

Raise doubts and ask for help 

It is not completely possible to figure out everything all by yourself. It is definitely commendable to independently plan your career, but accept it that you will need your parents’ assistance and help. If there is something you are unable to solve, ask for help, suggestions and solutions. This will help you and also make your parents feel more involved.  

Career is something that demands one to put careful thoughts. You sure can plan your career alone, but taking the help of your parents won’t harm. Get them on board and go about pursuing your career. However, do not fail to have a constructive conversation with your parents. It is important and needed. 


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