Here Is How The Indian Youth Can Celebrate Independence Day

India Independence Day
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India is popularly known as a country having the largest democracy in the world. With a total population of 1.3 billion, the youth of India contributes largely to its population. This in itself makes the country more rich and powerful. 

We, the youth of the nation must take pride in knowing that the future of such a well developing country depends on us. On this Independence Day, we must utilise the ‘national holiday’ by giving back to the country in creative and thoughtful ways. 

Let’s have fun but in an unusual way. Here is how:

Perform a street play along with friends: 

India Independence Day
Image Credits: Udaipur Times

It is an unfortunate fact that most of the Indians have very poor knowledge of the Indian freedom struggle. You and your friends can build a street play focusing on narrating and acting out the crucial events and incidents in India’s freedom struggle. This way you will not just end up educating the masses but also yourself. You can perform your street play in any public place like a mall, railway station, garden or any place that has a good crowd. However, make sure you get permission to perform the play in these places.

Initiate and drive a one day campaign: 

India Independence Day
Image Credits: Business Insider

India is plagued with pressing issues and concerns like a crime against women, mob lynching, climate change, animal cruelty, division and conflict based on religion and race, corruption, pollution, water scarcity, unemployment, etc. You can choose to focus on any one concern and drive a campaign raising awareness about it among people. Not just this, you can also provide easy solutions to people. Urge people to join you in this campaign. You can also come with unique ideas of your own to attract people to your campaign.

Participate In Discussions:

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There are many bodies and institutions that conduct conferences, forums and discussions on various topics and issues that concern the nation. You can enrol and participate in such discussions and widen your knowledge. You can also put forth your views on various topics. When you do this, you will be exposed to the viewpoints and opinions of many experienced as well as the well-read individuals like you, which will make you think deeper about the small as well as greater issues the nation faces.

Help the underprivileged:

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Many in India suffer from the pangs of poverty. Provide a helping hand to the underprivileged in the name of brotherhood and most importantly humanity. There is no greater deed than helping the helpless. You can donate food and clothes, help someone in paying their child’s school fees, help someone suffering from a disease or ailment by paying for their medical treatment, etc. Share little of what is yours and uplift at least one being with whom you share the same nation. Do a noble deed for your fellow countryman/men.

Attend a flag hoisting ceremony: 

India Independence Day
Image Credits: DNA India

If you have never attended a flag hoisting ceremony, then this year you should definitely do it. Experience the surrealism of what patriotism and nationalism can do you to your heart after seeing your country’s flag hoisted high and waving powerfully in the air. Make sure to attend it with your friends so that you can discuss with each other how you felt. 

There is one more small thing you can do on every independence day. Pick up the small tri-coloured flags loitering on the road rather than walking over them. You see a flag on the road, pick it up.

Though grasped with concerns, India is also a nation having its own strength and beauty we all are amazingly proud of. Apart from the major flag bearers of the country, it is small flag bearers like you and me who too, play a huge role in preserving the strength and beauty of our country. 

Keeping this in mind, let’s pledge to do the best we can for our country, this independence day. 

Happy Independence Day to all the fellow Indians.  


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