Bid Adieu To Mid-day Hunger Pangs

mid-day hunger
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Do you feel hungry post-breakfast? Do you also feel hungry post-lunch? Do you almost everyday turn to order pizzas, wraps and burgers? Do you feel like you are always hungry? Do you often find yourself binge eating?

You are most likely suffering from a terrible pang of hunger. It has become common for all the teenagers and young adults to feel hungry, but that doesn’t make consuming outside, oily, hunk and high-fat food, right. If you are then you are doing more harm to your body than hunger.

There are many alternatives and options, healthy you might say, you can resort to when the hunger pang strikes. Grab onto some of these alternatives and not just douse the burning fire of hunger but also get healthy. 

Bowl of Fruits 

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There can be nothing more refreshing than a bowl filled with fruits like pineapple, pear, watermelon, papaya, grapes, oranges and others which you like. You can eat a bowl of fruit after lunch anytime between 4-6 pm.  

Bowl of Veggies 

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This too is a great option if you want to feel light and acidity free. Usually snacking on a samosa, vada pav, or pizza is accompanied by problems like indigestion. If you replace this by eating a bowl of veggies inclusive of carrots, cucumbers, capsicum, lettuce, cabbage, baby tomatoes, corn, spinach, beetroot, etc you will also end up detoxifying and purifying your body. If eating this sounds too dry, you can add a few sauces for taste purposes. You can also consume hummus with this. 


mid-day hunger
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Rich in proteins and vitamins, nuts are an excellent source of energy and also help in riding hunger away. However, be careful of not consuming them in excess since they are also heaty in nature. You can drink a cup of milk after eating nuts which is a good source of calcium. You can consume this combination after breakfast at around 11 am or 12 noon.

Light Snacks

mid-day hunger
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Light snacks are usually eaten in the evening a few hours before dinner to sate the stomach temporarily. Light snacks involved having makhana (fox nut), dry kurmura and sev, or sukha bhel, baked chips, crackers, pita bread, etc.

Energy Bar

mid-day hunger
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A granola bar, instantly made oatmeal or an energy bar to are a good source of energy. They can be eaten after breakfast. Energy bars are filled with fibre, iron and proteins that help the body in maintaining strength throughout the day making you feel less tired at the end of the day.

Sure, pizzas, cookies, spicy noodles and other junk food is great in taste, but they cause harm to the body. Push those aside and switch to healthier options which too are great in taste. You just have to get used to eating healthy. 


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