Youth Inc’s monsoon recommendations


Image by Nishanth Jois, Flickr

It’s that time of the year when the sun has taken a temporary hiatus to make way for rain clouds. Although the monsoons in Mumbai are nowhere in sight, we’re having a deep longing for them. To make gloomy monsoon days seem pleasant, the Youth Inc team recommends books, sitcoms, movies and random meanderings for rainy days ahead.


“On lazy monsoon days, watch a feel-good film, a TV series or read a good book. I’ve only just begun watching Orange is the New Black, but I’m sure it’s going to get me hooked soon. Also, I’m currently reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami; it’s a book I’d definitely recommend.” Trishann Henriques, Features Editor

“My formula for the perfect day, rains notwithstanding, is a hot shower + trip-hop/downtempo music (Massive Attack and Hooverphonic are perfect for this weather) + a blanket fort + a ridiculously good book (graphic novels work just as well; start with Alan Moore’s Watchmen) + hot, salted fries + lemongrass tea.” – Aparna Sundaresan, Features Editor

“Hot chai or coffee and bhajiya and of course, re-runs of Friends.” – Heena Sopariwala, Ad Sales Manager

Chai, buta, and any Tom Hanks movie; watching the rain, taking a nap and listening to some 70s Hindi music make for a great combination.” – Prathamesh Deshpande, Marketing Manager

“On a rainy day I’d like to listen to songs by Above and Beyond, watch re-runs of the show New Girl and pamper myself with a mani-pedi at home.”- Dhwani Chheda, Marketing Manager

“Sip on a hot cup of cappuccino while watching DDLJ. And also cook a Mexican meal – Guacamole, salsa and chips – for my husband.” –Nandini Barjatiya, Ad Sales Manager

“On a rainy day I would love to go to Marine Drive or an open terrace and enjoy myself by getting wet in the rains and having roasted masala corn by the seaside. Marine Drive is famous for its ferocious waves at high tide during the monsoon, and there’s a promenade that you can walk or sit along too. The monsoon is a refreshing and welcome change after the sweltering summer heat of Mumbai.

If you don’t live in Mumbai, I recommend you go to your terrace and get wet in the showers. If you’d like to stay indoors, nothing beats a game of Scrabble and a cup of hot chai. ” – Geeta Naik, Operations Manager

“Read a good book and listen to some uplifting lounge music. A hot beverage, some introspect and munchies make really good accompaniments.” – Manil Dodani, Social Media Manager

“I enjoy playing football in the rain.”–Moulvi Abbas Hasan, Creative Head

“I love getting wet in the rain, listening to old Hindi music and munching on crispy potato chips.” Gaurav Dodiya, Visualiser


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