Shows that Died a Premature Death


Varsha Menon lists TV shows that believes died an early death


Mahi Way

This heart-warming comedy about a plump girl going through weight issues, her love life, over- bearing family and her unforgiving job needs a second season. We’d like it to feature Mahi and her former best friend or present love interest Shiv and her new life as a…magazine editor maybe?


Ugly Betty

Unapologetically funny in its comedic caper, the series told us that it was okay to be yourself no matter who you are. We need more of this show and more of Betty and Daniel as they adjust to their new lives (hopefully together). Good news – Some cast members are pushing for a movie.


Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

A snooty mother-in-law, her humorously critical husband, their ‘bechara’ elder son, his middle-class wife and his younger brother who is a Mama’s boy make up South Bombay’s dysfunctional Sarabhai family. We wish to see the younger son all grown up with a snooty wife of his own. Additions to the show along the lines of its first few seasons are also pleasantly welcome.



Who wouldn’t like to see the Friends cast on our television screens again? Not the re-runs, but brand new episodes. While the show’s writers have repeatedly denied the possibility of a reunion, we’d still hope to see more seasons of the show where all our favourite characters are dealing with motherhood, marriage and settling down in the suburbs; a new take on an old classic.


Dil Mil Gaye

Granted that Dil Mil Gaye was not a Grey’s Anatomy type of medical drama, but there was something inherently likeable about it. Maybe the characters need a fresh new start and possibly a baby? Aww! How cute would that little munchkin be?


Lizzie Maguire

Please lord, give us back the old Hilary Duff. We want Lizzie to be back for another season with the love of her life, Gordon. We’d like to see her wacky best friend Miranda and her quirky family as part of the show. More importantly, we’d like to see Lizzie become a famous singer.


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