Yoga For Men: 5 Reasons Why Men Too Must Practice Yoga

yoga for men
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Yoga has been as old as human existence itself. It is thus the oldest form of physical exercise. It is also interesting to know that the creation of this form of exercise has been founded and developed by the man himself. Lord Shiva has been believed to be the first practitioner of Yoga and Yog guru Patanjali is popularly recognised as the father of Yoga.

In spite of this, men shy away from walking into a Yoga classroom filled with women as they consider is ‘unmanly’. However, Yoga is for all. Moreover, Yoga is even more beneficial for men than women. 

Though at first, you might worry about the staring glances when people will watch you practice Yoga, but once you start getting the results, the glances won’t bother you.

yoga for men
Image Credits: The Times

Yoga for men helps in wondrous ways. Let’s see how: 

Fosters Overall Well-being

Yoga is known to effectively change one’s complete lifestyle. One Yoga asana that you practice has innumerable benefits which are not restricted to a single part. Another reason why Yoga fosters overall well being is because it not just soothes the body physically but also mentally. Once you make Yoga a part of your daily routine, you will gradually start observing positive growth in your health. You will start having better sleeping and eating patterns as well. 

Makes The Body Strong and Flexible 

Just the muscles of your body doesn’t define the strength you hold. You must also be strong from within. Performing various asanas can help your body become flexible and strong. Improved blood circulation due to asanas provides immense strength to the body. Additionally, the different moves that you practice, train your muscles to twist and turn making your body flexible and supple. 

Helps In Maintaining The Body Weight 

While in the gym you will be expected to do a lot of weight lifting to reduce your ever increasing body weight, in Yoga all you will have to do is perform asanas. This is why Yoga is the most easiest and convenient form of exercise. Yoga not just works for the external body but also is a good exercise for the internal organs. Hence, yoga cures a particular problem from its roots.  

Improves Sexual Performance

Many people consider this to be a false belief but it is true. With daily practice of yoga, men actually end up performing well during any sexual activity which includes desires, confidence, performance, erection and orgasm. Since yoga makes the body flexible and is a stress reliever, it helps in improving a man’s sexual performance. Further, since good blood circulation is a major benefit of Yoga, erection and orgasm too improves. 

Releases Stress and Infuses Positivity 

Yoga is not just a physical exercise, it is also an exercise of the mind. While performing asanas, it also increases concentration levels and thus helps in improving the quality of one’s focus. This fosters mindful thinking and leads to removal of unnecessary negative thinking from your life, thus making way for stress free and positive life. 

Religious performing Yoga for even just 15 days will make you feel energised, fresh, positive, healthy and happy. Even though there are other forms of exercise for men that are considered more manly, Yoga gives fruitful results that not just helps temporarily, but the effects of which remain for a much longer time in life.


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