10 Kinds Of Teachers Found In Every School

kinds of teachers

Even though we prayed for some or the other teacher to fall sick and not come to school so that we could get a free period, we have to accept that without the diverse kind of teachers, school life wouldn’t have been fun. Every school has a common set of teachers that carry their own identity in the eyes of the students, because of the distinct traits they hold. 

Let us refresh our old good time school memories by recalling the kinds of teachers we had in school. 

The Disciplinarian 

kinds of teachers
Image Credits: India.com

This teacher was always concerned about how presentable and well behaved we were more than how we faired in his/her subject.

The Over Friendly One

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I guess he/she thought that the more friendly he/she would be, the cooler he/she would get among the students. This teacher was so friendly, he/she must have even used words considered inappropriate in maintaining the decorum, just to become ‘students’ favourite’. 

The Grammar Freak

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This teacher was the Shakespeare of our school. He/she always removed faults and corrected students for every minute thing. This teacher was a scanner of faults, especially when it came to correcting the grammar. These were mostly our english teachers. Their terror made us not just falter in english but made us forget our speech altogether. 

The One We Crushed On 

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Whether his/her teaching was on point or not, his/her looks definitely were. That is how we started crushing on him/her. We always found ourselves giving this teacher either a rose or a chocolate or a card with a sweet message. 

The PT Teacher With His/Her Out-Of-The-World English  

kinds of teachers
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We have all made fun of the world class english that our PT teachers spoke by mimicking them. It is a mean thing to do, but we have all done it, because who says “I will slap inside your mouth”?  

The Noisy One

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This teacher probably created more noise than the students themselves, either by shouting on top of his/her voice, or by banging the duster on the desk, or by throwing marker pens on those talking. 

The Boring One

kinds of teachers
Image Credits: appocalypse.co

Staying awake through this teacher’s period was a mammoth task. This kind of teacher had the capacity of going on endlessly and it is this teacher only who needed extra periods with every class. We survived this by god’s grace. 

The Drowsy One 

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Droopy eyes and a lazy posture with continuous yawning, this teacher used to be one of us.

The Storyteller 

kinds of teachers
Image Credits: Twitter

Right from explaining the Harappan civilization, this teacher used to drift to telling us stories about how her mom used to beat her up in childhood.

The Most Perfect Teacher 

kinds of teachers
Image Credits: The Financial Express

This was one teacher whose period we used to actually wait for. Not only was she fun and friendly, but was a true guiding light in our life. 


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