Workplace Habits That Are Leading To An Unhealthy Lifestyle

unhealthy work habits
Image Credits: Tuckson Health Connections

We spend most of our adult life working on a desk, in an office which definitely has an impact on our lifestyle. When you spend most of your time doing something in a totally different environment you will end up picking some of the habits, good and bad. While adapting to these new habits, consciously or unconsciously, we start doing things which have an adverse effect on our body, health and lifestyle. While you are doing your best to meet the workplace requirements you often forget about your own well-being. But your commitment towards work should not blind you from seeing the negative consequences of ignoring your own health

Bad Posture

Sitting on a desk all day leads to a bad posture. Your body is not made to just sit around all day. Slouching and uncomfortable sitting conditions can lead to back-aches, neck and lower-back related problems. It is one of the most common habits you tend to pick up from your workplace.

Skipping Meals

In a race to meet the deadlines, sometimes you forget to have lunch or purely just ignore it. Or running late for office, you very conveniently skip breakfast. Sometimes when you are too tired from working all day, you decide not to have dinner and go straight to bed. Starving can lead to weakness, loss of energy and avoid you from concentrating on your work.

Staring at the Screen

You are staring at a screen continuously when you are at work whether it is your desktop, laptop, phone or a projector screen. Looking at a screen for too long can lower the flexibility of your eyes. It can cause redness, irritate your eyes because when you’re eyes are focused on a screen, you often don’t blink enough.

Unhealthy Eating and a lot of Coffee

Sitting around for 8-10 hours a day, with the constant pressure of meeting the deadlines makes you hungry faster than you expect. With the available food delivery apps, it has become very easy to order food and start eating all kinds of junk. Coffee addicts tend to gulp down a lot of coffee to survive the day but drinking too much of it can affect your sleeping routine. Junk food and coffee leads to problems like acidity, poor digestive system and they provide no nutrition to the body.


Disconnecting from People

It makes sense that if you want to be productive and achieve your goals, you need to cut yourself off from all distractions. It can come at a price if you’re also cutting yourself off from interacting with other people. Isolating yourself from everyone during the work so that you can concentrate and focus can contribute to feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness which can make you less productive in the long run.


So now if you think you have picked up any of these habits from your workplace its time you realize them and activate a plan to change them for better lifestyle and work success.


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