Experience The Bliss Of Trekking

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There is something magical about trekking. Being held by nature, walking towards your goals with the birds whispering and motivating you to go ahead is a wonderful feeling. As the sun meets the horizon, the cold breeze pats your shoulder because you reached your goal. Store this beautiful scenario in your head and enjoy it to the fullest. ‘A refreshed soul with a positive attitude is born after you’ve finished trekking. You would think trekking just benefits your body well, but there is more to it. More than your body, it influences your mind and the soul. It changes your perspective towards life. While walking up and high towards your goal, you learn and realize various truths of life

Life is hard

As you go ahead in life and the trek, the route keeps on getting harder. It has a lot of challenges and you have to overcome them to reach the destination. There will always be setbacks and challenges along the way like maybe shortage of food and water supply, a broken trekking pole, or even a broken bone but these obstacles exist to make your life interesting and worth remembering.

Don’t worry

What will happen next? Will I end up doing something wrong? Is this the right step to take? You constantly worry about the details too much when there is really nothing much you can do to control it. The circumstances are never under your control so worrying about things doesn’t make any sense. Besides, you find out that about most of the things you worry never really happen.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

We often beat ourselves up for not being as good, intelligent or successful as the standards that we have set for ourselves. While it is good to push yourself to do better, it isn’t helpful to always make yourself feel like a failure even if you have done everything that you can. You can’t push yourself to go further if your legs are already starting to shake and you can’t walk anymore. It is necessary for you to rest and allow yourself to recover. You’ve done everything you can.

You only go up from here

As much as you want to give up, there is no turning back. The only way to go is up. The way back is more difficult and the only thing that you can do is walk forward. Plus, you are never alone in the journey, there is always someone or something supporting and motivating you. Don’t worry about your reward, the world has saved the best and most beautiful views for you.

It’s all going to be worth it.

Nothing great ever comes the easy way. Whether it is a promotion or a great view at the top of a mountain, reaching that destination will never be without hardships and challenges. Regardless, you know within yourself that everything you are going through will pay off. You continue and move forward and go on with the journey because you know it will all be worth it in the end.

So if you’ve never gone trekking, pack your bags, tie your shoelaces and head up for the adventure that might end up changing your perspective towards life. You never know what wonders the world has in store for you.


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