Wordzone – September 2013


An eponym is the name of a person after whom a particular discovery, place or any other item is named. For example, Louis Braille is the eponym of the Braille system that was created by him for the blind.



Choose the option that is closest in meaning to the main word and complete the sentence.

1. Freudian slip (froi-dee-uhn slip)
It was only a ____ when the Maths teacher said that her triangle had a hippopotamus when she meant to say hypotenuse.
(a) verbal mistake (b) unforeseen mishap (c) blessing in disguise

2. Achilles heel (uh-kil-eez heel)
No matter how hard Myra worked for her exams, Maths always remained her ________.
(a) characteristic (b) shortcoming (c) advantage

3. Epicurean (ep-i-kyoo-ree-uhn)
The chefs on the cruise liner prepared a range of appetizing ____ delicacies for the tourists.
(a) insipid (b) simple (c) luxurious

4. Draconian (drey-koh-nee-uhn)
The dictator ordered that ____ punishment be inflicted on all the prisoners of war.
(a) perfunctory (b) compassionate (c) cruel

5. Thespian (thes-pee-uhn)
The novice was thrilled when he was offered a meaty role opposite the most well known___in theatre.
(a) actor (b) programmer (c) iron monger

Answers: 1. A, 2. B, 3. C, 4. C, 5. A

Word Pyramid
The clues will help you find the answers to complete the word pyramid. Each answer must contain the previous answer. You may rearrange the words with a new letter. Hint: Start from the top

1. Type of road surfacing material
2. Visible in the sky on a clear night
3. Stringed instrument used mainly in Indian classical music
4. Climbing these is considered a good exercise
5. System of government in Russia until 1917
6. Fashionable, chic or exclusive
7. Festival celebrating the birth of Christ


Volume 3 Issue 3


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