Word Zone – February 2013


Choose the option that is closest in meaning to the highlighted word and complete the sentence.


Jazz up your vocabulary with new words that you can use in your day-to-day conversation.



Shakespeare is credited with having coined more than 1500 words and phrases. His writings influenced not only theatre and literature but also the entire English language. Truly, he is the most quoted writer in the world of English. Here are some words that the maestro himself invented.

1. frugal (froo-guhl)
The governor urged the citizens to lead a ___ life so as to conserve the precious resources of our planet.
(a) vicious (b) thrifty (c) profligate

2. impartial (im-pahr-shuhl)
The police convinced the couple that it would conduct a ____ probe about the case of their missing baby.
(a) disinterested (b) trivial (c) biased

3. zany (zey-nee)
The ___ performance of the stand-up comedian left the audience in splits.
(a) eccentric (b) transient (c) serious

4. equivocal (ih-kwiv-uh-kuhl)
Despite extensive marketing strategies, the newly released book generated an _____ response.
(a) solemn (b) ambiguous (c) certain

5. jaded (jey-did)
As the flight had been delayed, the passengers arrived well past midnight, feeling ____.
(a) enthusiastic (b) exhausted (c) relaxed

6. impede (im-peed)
The research team was worried that the lack of funds would ____ its reakthrough on certain life saving drugs.
(a) imitate (b) encourage (c) thwart

7. grovel (gruhv-uhl)
Robert’s friends alienated him once they heard that he was known to ____ the teacher.
(a) mollify (b) bootlick (c) decry

8. scuffle (skuhf-uhl)
Having failed to reach a concensus, the members of parliament broke into a ____ , advocating their point of view.
(a) agreement (b) conundrum (c) fight

9. hobnob (hob-nob)
The aspiring model chose to ___ with the rich and famous in a bid to boost her career .
(a) socialise (b) disassociate (c) construe

10. tranquil (trang-kwil)
Visitors at the Biscayne Park found it hard to believe that the ocean that is ___ on the surface is teeming with life below.
(a) chaotic (b) rife (c) quiet



1. B  2. A  3. A  4. B  5. B

6. C  7. B  8. C  9. A  10. C


Volume 2 Issue 8


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