Wing It Up


Patricia Merchant helps you draw that perfect wing with ease.

The Winged Eye has become the top trend on how to style your eyeliner. The winged eye is also known as the cat eye and is the most classic beauty trend in history. It was even part of Cleopatra’s beauty routine as the Egyptians believed it to be a way to ward off the evil eye.

What is a winged eye?
Makeup applied onto the upper eyelid using liquid eyeliner, pencil or gel, curved out to create a pointy wing.

Hacks to get the perfect wing
The Card Trick: Take any business card you have hold it on your eye at a diagonal position, apply the eyeliner using your card as your guideline and then fill in any gaps.

winged eye hacks

Tape: Place the tape at a diagonal position on your eye and use it as a guide similar to a card.

winged eye hacks

The Ultimate Tape Method: Use two strips of tape and after positioning the first one at a diagonal position to your eye the second tape layered on the upper portion of your eye to create a perfect triangle on the outer corner of your eye. Fill your eyeliner in between the two pieces of tape.

winged eye hacks - tape

Join The Dots: Draw a few dots on the top of your lash line then keep them as close to your lashline as possible and make sure you can still see them then go all the way out you want your wing to be filling the dots.

Flat Liner Pen: Take a Flat Liner Pen and press it against your lashline all your doing is letting the liner flat against your lashline and let the liner pen do the trick for you and just fill any gaps and neaten it up when you have to.

Makeup Remover Cleanup: Draw a freehand winged liner on your eye then all you need to do is take another brush and put makeup remover on it to remove the imperfect edges and smoothening your eyeliner into a perfect wing.

Make Your Own Stencil: This is a trickier technique, take the eyeliner box or anything round and place it on your eyelid and trace around that curved box until you have got the curve on the winged eyeliner. Go back in and draw on the top of the winged eyeliner fill in any gaps.

Concealer Clean Up: You make your perfect eyeliner but then you make a mistake and all hell breaks loose; all you got to do is cover that mistake with a concealer on an angled eyebrow brush and carve out that wing again.

Hooded Eye Technique: This technique is for all you hooded eyed babes out there, get a black pencil eyeliner then tight line the top lashline so you apply it on the waterline of the top lashline, then gently hold the outer corner of your eye and draw a thin wing.

Freehand: Keep your hands still and don’t blink your eyes as that will cause the eyeliner to smudge. Just confidently draw a straight line on your eye and then curve it at the edge.
Try these hacks to master the Winged Eye and accentuate those beautiful eyes to be the center of beauty in every social gathering. CHEERS!


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