Why Should Students Have A LinkedIn Profile?

students on LinkedIn
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LinkedIn has wrongly been stereotyped as being an only-professionals platform While it may seem bland or solely a job portal, it’s actually a unique blend of a professional platform and a social network. In 2013, LinkedIn decreased its minimum age requirement from 18 to 14, allowing students to join. LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for students and thus it is important for students to leverage LinkedIn’s potential. Listed below are a few compelling reasons why students should actively engage on LinkedIn.

Benefit of early networking

To achieve career success, students must actively build a strong network, and LinkedIn offers a valuable platform for connecting. Take the initiative to reach out to your peers, acquaintances, and university lecturers, and then expand your connections within your desired industry. The benefits of a connection can arise unexpectedly, and a larger network increases your chances of receiving job referrals. On LinkedIn, students can connect with professionals that they and follow them. It operates like a ripple effect, enabling you to discover potential collaborators and like-minded individuals for future work.

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Gain recognition and boost your profile

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s recommendation feature to enhance your profile as a student. Reach out to your professors and classmates and ask them to endorse your skills and qualities that align with your career goals. Having a strong number of recommendations increases your chances of catching the attention of potential employers. Boost your employability by actively seeking endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn.

Get notified about job updates and vacancies

Once you’ve created your LinkedIn profile, thereafter, take advantage of the email alert feature to stay informed about recommended jobs. Set your preferences, and you’ll only receive job alerts that align with your interests. For fresh graduates, there’s a dedicated Student Jobs Portal where you can find entry-level positions and internship opportunities. While LinkedIn offers more than just job searching, it remains an invaluable resource for students when it comes to finding their next opportunity. You can customize LinkedIn to send you job alerts for specific companies, industries, or job titles, ensuring you never miss out on a great opportunity.

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Build your brand and market yourself

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for students to showcase their knowledge, insights, and talents in front of a vast network of professionals, including classmates, recruiters, and potential employers—reaching up to 350 million users. With LinkedIn, you can generally display your talents through blogs, portfolios, and more. Share your progress on projects, express thoughts on books you’ve read, highlight the positive impact of your efforts in improving your community, or instead simply share articles that have moved you. You never know what might resonate with others and make a meaningful connection.

Attract potential employer’s

LinkedIn is actively sought out by numerous organizations in search of talented candidates. By creating a detailed and impressive professional profile, you significantly increase your chances of capturing the attention of potential employers. Additionally, you can indicate your availability and interest in job opportunities by adjusting your preferences accordingly. When applying for internships, volunteer positions, freelance work, or formal jobs, recruiters often rely on LinkedIn profiles to verify your educational background and work experience conveniently.

Make the most of LinkedIn as a student. Utilize this platform to highlight your skills, and achievements, and promote yourself for various opportunities. All in all, LinkedIn empowers students to stay ahead of the competition. Even if you’re not actively seeking employment, LinkedIn remains a valuable place to invest your time and efforts.


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