How Can We Deal With Increasing Global Warming? 

Global warming
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India reported its hottest February in 122 years in 2023 as per Indian Meteorological Department. In 2022, India faced its hottest March in 100 years. This is connected to the El Niño Southern Oscillation, a climate pattern that impacts weather across the world by affecting the water temperature of the Pacific Ocean. Global warming is also another long-term factor in the increase in temperature of Earth’s overall surface. Even though the planet has been warming up for ages, the pace has now increased due to the ‘greenhouse effect’. The World Meteorological Organization recently published that there is a 98% likelihood that the upcoming five years or one of them will be the warmest on record. It also reported that there is a 66% chance that the average near-surface global temperature between 2023 and 2027 will be more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels for at least one year. To reduce the increasing temperature, here are a few ways how we can deal with increasing Global warming: 

Create Awareness and Speak up

Advocate the need to reduce carbon pollution and inculcate an environment-friendly lifestyle in family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Taking part in existing campaigns by the UN and climate activists helps in spreading the word. The temperature rise can be controlled only if all of us come together.

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Bring it to the notice of the local representatives and policymakers

Appeal to local leaders, politicians, businesses, MNCs, and city officials to support cutting emissions and introducing new rules that benefit the environment. Environmental issues, especially global warming, cannot be controlled without the help of leaders and government officials. 

Change your transport methods

Don’t use cars or any vehicle that requires natural gas or fuels to run on. These emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which cause the atmosphere to heat up, leading to the greenhouse effect. This is a major factor in Global warming. Choose public transport, electric vehicles or cycles. 

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Practice sustainability

Use eco-friendly and non-toxic products, practise the ‘Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Repair’ method to cut down waste production, shop local produce and practise composting for the management of organic food waste

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Stop the production and use of ‘fast fashion

Fast fashion requires tonnes of water and the quick disposal in landfills creates a lot of pollution. Recycling and repairing pre-loved clothes is an alternative to fast fashion trends. It helps in reducing the carbon footprint produced by one person, which contributes to increasing temperature i.e. Global warming.

Plant more trees

Deforestation leads to releasing of carbon dioxide from trees and contributes directly to Global warming. Hence, planting trees and growing plants at home is a necessity to reverse this effect caused by deforestation and make Earth green again.

Save energy at home

Switch energy resources from oil, gas or coal to wind or solar-generated power. Installing solar panels and using renewable energy resources reduces carbon footprint by 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Invest in environmentally sustainable businesses

Choose to invest in local businesses to avoid transport and import which will reduce emissions. Support companies that responsibly use their resources and make their products. Fund for climate change campaigns. 


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