Why Pursue A PhD.? The Father of All Qualification

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One can never really stop learning. Education systems across the world follow a certain academic hierarchy, a doctorate degree being the highest form of academic degree and qualification in many countries. This itself makes pursuing a PhD. beneficial for your career growth. 

A doctorate degree is unlike any other degree that you earn. It is purely research-based. It is an in-depth study of a chosen field. Since the study is based on an individual’s research, there is a huge scope for newer inventions, problem discovery, or the formulation of new solutions that can largely benefit society.  

There is no doubt that pursuing a PhD. requires one to invest a lot of time and effort but its ROI is incomparable to any other educational qualification. Wondering why? Here you go:

You earn a ‘Dr.’s’ tag behind your name which itself speaks a lot about you professionally

A ‘Dr.’s’ tag clearly speaks for itself. Those who have ‘Dr.’ attached to their name are always considered to be a pundit in their given area. A majority of employers look for employees who can fulfill their requirement of carrying out research-driven tasks and individuals holding a PhD. are always the perfect choices. 

Wider career scope

A PhD. does not just restrict you to a career in academics or research, but a diverse range of other career options. You can be an entrepreneur, a team leader, or even work towards creating new products and services or help companies in improving the existing ones with the help of your in-depth knowledge and research work. Besides this, you can work with government bodies to help formulate policies, find solutions to issues, carry out important studies and also work with NGOs that work for the welfare of people. 

Feeds your curious mind with abundant knowledge

Since a PhD. lets you carry out research in the field of your interest, it provides you with an opportunity to explore more about the topic, identify many undiscovered aspects of it, thereby making you extremely knowledgeable about a particular field. It also helps you to stay focused, find solutions to various problems, think and analyze critically; skills that are essential for almost every profession.  

Undoubtedly widens your chance of getting recruited

The richer qualifications and practical experience you have, the more chances you have in getting recruited at a higher position as compared to the other candidates. Since a PhD. allows you to gain in-depth knowledge, you gain the potential to become valuable assets to a company and thus the employers choose to make you a part of their team. 


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