Who Will Win Bigg Boss 7?


Gauhar Khan
Many ‘awwwww’ moments of the show stem from her supposed love trysts with fellow inmate Kushal Tandon. And after being cruelly separated from him and then becoming captain, how can she not win?




Sangram Singh
He has managed to stay out of trouble (so far) and everyone in the house likes him (so far)… well, maybe not Armaan Kohli, but nobody likes him anyway – he has gotten into too many tiffs – so his opinion doesn’t matter!





VJ Andy
Andy sees himself as a victim of Armaan and Tanisha’s politics and has advised Asif to be cautious of them. That plus the fact that he’s more entertaining than agitated makes him a contender. If he keeps it up, of course.



Apurva and Shilpa
This married couple, although separated first (and reunited later), are considered to be the most strategic people in the Bigg Boss house. And strategy might just trump drama and politics to win them the title.





Volume 3 Issue 5


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