What Is Cloud Computing? All You Need To Know About It

cloud computing

With the world being heavily dependent on technology, and careers related to it being on the rise, cloud computing is one field that has been in high demand in the past five years. First, it is important to understand what cloud computing really is. Cloud computing is essentially a virtual space, a system, that provides hosted services over the internet. These services include servers, databases, networking, analytics, and intelligence that work towards ensuring flexibility and innovation, while also keeping cost-effectiveness in mind. 

We have entered an era where every company benefits from cloud computing, whether it is a big corporation, a mid-sized company, or a start-up. This is because all companies use data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to meet industry requirements. So, here are a few careers worth exploring in the field of cloud computing.

Server Administrator

One of the most common roles in information technology, a server administrator is responsible for the overall management of the physical and virtual servers, as well as the business systems. This role may also be called systems administrator and while the exact scope may differ from company to company, the overall responsibility remains the same. In today’s environment, professionals in this role need a solid working knowledge of cloud computing systems because they determine which platform is best suited for each application.

Cloud Architect

A relatively newer role which is mostly observed in big companies that have extensive needs, a cloud architect focuses specifically on cloud resources and less on a traditional server room. Typical tasks of a cloud architect may include cloud vendor analysis, private cloud construction, and cloud orchestration. As more IT architectures become combinations of cloud resources and on-premises resources, this role may fade in favour of the more general systems administrator or systems architect. 

Software Developer

The software development space has been responsible for some of the greatest disruptions caused by cloud computing, with barriers to entry being removed and workflow changing drastically. The increased demand for software is driving granularity in this field. Some of the more popular job titles are front-end developer, full-stack developer, and DevOps engineer. 

Data Scientist

Along with an understanding of new data tools and corporate data structures, data scientists must have expertise with cloud systems since cloud resources are practically a requirement for modern data processing and analysis. The first step is leveraging various storage options to create a comprehensive data repository. From there, data scientists usually employ cloud software, especially tools from the catalogue of major public cloud providers.

Cloud computing is one of the most demanded skills in the IT industry. This field offers several exciting career opportunities for IT professionals to leverage their expertise for growth. If you are thinking about starting a career in cloud computing, then now is the time.


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