Tastylicious Waffle Cakes Now At Belgian Waffle Co.

waffle cakes
Death by Chocolate

With the dual goodness of cakes and waffles, the Belgian Waffle Co. is here with Waffle Cakes, a new chocolaty entrant into their waffle family. If you haven’t tried this combination yet, head straight to your nearest Belgian Waffle store to relish this delicious creation. 

Are you wondering what a waffle cake is? It is two layers of whole waffles placed together, richly dipped in your favorite flavours and toppings and served to you with love. These waffle cakes are available in Almond Butter Praline, Death by Chocolate, Naked Nutella Crunch, and Red Velvet. 

waffle cakes
Almond Butter Praline

So you can pick any one which best pleases your taste buds and relish it to the fullest. You can order these cakes in either two or one layer. Not just this, you can also customize it by choosing your own toppings like cookie crumbs and sprinkles and sides like whipped cream.

Naked Nuttella Crunch
Red Velvet

They are available at all Belgian Waffle stores. You can also order them online and bring a perfect end to your lunch/dinner with this finger-licking dessert. You can also hang out and catch up with your friends over a waffle cake at their store.

Belgian Waffle has always had our hearts, and this time too, with the waffle cakes, they have conquered our hearts. You have to try their new waffle cakes if you are a waffle lover. 


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