Happy Birthday! You’re 18! Congratulations You Can Vote Now!


It’s every citizen’s duty and responsibility to vote for our very own nation. We have various patriotic processions and campaigns but to no avail. We sing patriotic songs with pride and celebrate our national festivals with a great degree of pomp and show. We the citizens of our pure soil should be the Change we want to see in the world and VOTE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Get up and take the wakeup call Mumbaikars and get to your nearest government agency to make a voter’s identity once you’re 18.

Instead of shrugging off our responsibilities we need to take accountability of it and just vote and see the great difference we make for our personal benefit and the society as a whole. We need to aim at improving the education provided to rural areas and increase the need and awareness for education at all levels. Only if the citizens of the country are educated will the country and the people as a whole, benefit from it. Let’s join hands and support this initiative that is by the youth for the youth and of the youth this is the VOTE FOR MUMBAI initiative which is gaining popularity and actually making not only the youth encouraged to vote but also making people from all phases of their lives vote be it teenagers, middle aged individuals or senior citizens everyone is anxious to hit the voting polls and give their support to the particular candidates through their votes. All the crème de la crème aka premium colleges ranging from Jai Hind College to HR College to KC College to Vivekananda College all have come together to support this digital initiative to encourage this young talented youth,  a student of one of the premium institutions that is Jai Hind College BMM faculty has started this initiative led by Lushi Sanghavi.

The goal of this digital initiative is to help the youth of our country get encouraged to vote for the BMC judiciously and not just be chilling and sipping on cold coffee in college canteens. Let’s shoulder the responsibilities that are expected out of us for our city to shine and reach great heights. We can solve all the problems if we have maximum voting taking place. Can you imagine, out of 12 million citizens only 45% cast their vote and the rest 55% are either uneducated or without the required documents or don’t bother t take out 15 minutes to make a difference and help solve all the problems like those of water supply cleaning etc. LETS ALL JOIN HANDS AS A TEAM TO MAKE OUR CITY A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN! JAI HIND!


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